It ends here.


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Relapsed again yesterday, unfortunately. 13 days, not too bad for now. But I’m ready to keep going and I want to make a change. I’ve been trying to quit for two years now, and I’m not where I thought I would be at all.

My goal now is to make it 30 days, and take it from there.


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Thank you Blondie! That’s true, and I think it can help me as a reminder that I need time to make things change. Relapsing every 5-10 days isn’t going to make the change I want in my life.

Day 5 of 30


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It's alright @downhillfromhere. I had a little moment like that myself last week. Don't let your mind tell you "you fucked up" because you did not. Everywhere you look there's "images" that are risky and tantalizing, but that's not porn so don't fall for that trick if your brain tells you that. Obviously don't indulge in it but remind yourself that it isn't porn and thus you're still clean.

Let's keep moving. Next stop one month porn free!