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    Optimistic for the future!

    Then there's hope! 🤣
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    Optimistic for the future!

    Thanks brother, you're right that I need to have a long term goal. No P ever and no MO outside of when I'm with her seems like a good place to start. Approaching 2 weeks now. Any of you had bad blue balls? I've had it twice this week from chatting with her but no release. I had to take a...
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    im in the last few minutes of the game and want to give it my last shot!

    Know that 1 slip-up does not negate the 31 days of fighting it. We're only human. 31 days is no small feat, brother. Keep going!
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    You're not fighting solo, you have all your brothers here going through similar trials and more...

    You're not fighting solo, you have all your brothers here going through similar trials and more who have beat this addiction. I would suggest you keep a journal on this site, it'll help you to be aware of your triggers and your brothers will help keep you accountable.
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    Reboot/Recovery Journal 30yr Old

    I imagine the urge to MO will subside with time. I have found in the past when I tried to kick the porn habit that when I got the urge to MO or even PMO, I'd exercise. Maybe that can work for you. Keep working towards your goal! We can beat this together, brother!
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    I need to up my game.

    Brother, this hits home for me too. My brain is the same fucking way and thus far I've been able to see where it's going and stop it, but fuck me if this gets harder later in the withdrawal. But we can beat this! Stay strong, brother, think past all the negativity and instead focus on the end...
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    Porn is not an option

    This gives me hope for the future! Keep on it brother!
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    Optimistic for the future!

    Hey everyone, I'm so glad I came across this site. I had one of those situations which my younger self would have dreamed about, but once I was with her and in the days after I noticed something which, as I'm sure with many of you, was alarming! More on that later, first a background. I'm in...