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    Finally, I'm doing this…

    And you seem to have pushed all your chips forward.
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    Dealing with Shame, PIED and Addiction!

    Got your back @Nico , I agree with @Blondie too. I have found the concept of middle circle to be unhelpful honestly. The longer my recovery goes on the more I see my original middle circle stuff as inner circle. We all know what we want and we need no distractions. Go get it.
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    quit for good

    Missed you
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    Vomiting thoughts-Journey to Healing?

    @Sammyjo - IF (capital letters) you can talk to him when he is more relaxed, I think this has to be the highest priority. Communication and agreeing on a plan is so important. Therapy is really useful but you’re saying he is against. I am not quite sure why, but a therapist would possibly help...
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    Crawling from the wreckage

    Like it @TryingHarder - your resolve makes me feel stronger, so many thanks.
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    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    209 no porn 57 no ejaculation 1 day of no fantasy 0 days avoiding slightly staring at wife’s ample bosom Also 0 days with any increased affection. I actually think she’s forgotten we’re doing that. In a way that is so sad. How can you forget to be affectionate? I know the answer…it’s ok….it’s...
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    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    Thanks @Sammyjo - I “may” try that. Not always easy to explain why something isn’t as easy as you suggest. Too much information to supply of course. But the idea is a good one. Now to find a night of the week when we’re both free! Thanks again - touched you bothered to suggest anything. You’re...
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    Holding the Fool (me) to Account

    I think the mirror is good too. I didn’t used to. Have a look in it, @SimonM . Better, huh?
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    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    Kind of you to ask @Blondie - a lot better thanks. For perspective my wife was up all night a couple of days ago, and as she came back into bed about 3.50am I asked what was up? She said “I’ll talk to you about it in the morning”. I said, no, talk now. In the next split second I thought she was...
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    Am I in a flatline?

    And honestly there are all sorts of brain funks ahead. They’re not the same for everyone and they come at different times and for different durations. But it’s all good news because your brain has no idea how to behave. I am a firm believer in hard mode (so no MO either) and that really messes...
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    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    208 no PMO 56 no MO 7 8s are 56. Right? 8 weeks. Never since I was 14 years old has this happened. Strangely libido is just medium to high and morning glory is standard. No real blue balls. So manageable. Weird.
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    Daily Promise

    @Zeile . The advice is so simple. Unless telling your wife would be catastrophic, you just do it. Trust. She will trust you more afterwards and you will feel better for having revealed the secret. I also told my kids who are 20, 17 and 17. I confront so many things now without fear. In the old...
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    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    We have a mini family crisis - just as the increase in affection rules were possibly going to be set - God is playing games. I believe in him so I smile at his games. I am secondary right now which is exactly where I should be, RN is my outlet for saying: “you have got to be effing kidding me”...
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    Betrayed by porn......the demise of intimacy, a partners tale!

    @Beautiful1973 - @Nico is bang on. I am oddly pleased that you’re showing us your troubles. It’s healthy, very healthy. Don’t be ashamed of any of your feelings. I am glad you came on the addicts forum because we like your perspective and you obviously like ours. We hold each other up. You...
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    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    207 no porn 55 no ejaculation Great day yesterday. Things looking good with Mrs GBS albeit no increased affection, just connected. Tried not to stare at her tits. Failed. Tried again. Failed. No MO of course but would have exploded if I had. Discipline shall be my watchword.