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Gabe Deem

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One journal per member

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that everyone starts their own journal.

Journals have been proven to be very effective for helping people overcome their porn addictions.

Journals are grouped by age, so that peers can help each other.

Follow these steps:

Step #1: Choose an age sub-section and click on "New Topic"

The journals are divided by age because we have way too many people on board. This helps keep the forum organized.

Step #2: Give your journal a name

It can be anything! A motivational phrase, your ultimate goal, the name of something that inspires you, anything you want.

This will give your journal its own identity.

Step #3: Take your time to tell us your story

The first post of the journal is the proper way to introduce yourself to everyone in the forum. Tell us your background, goals, sticking points, etc. Take your time and make it as detailed as possible.

People will read your first post when they want to know about you.

Also, if you are rebooting try to include some of these items in each journal entry:
  • Did I use porn today?
  • What were my triggers?
  • How did I soothe my anxiety or stress?
  • What am I grateful for today?
  • Day counter!

Step #4: Keep all the progress updates in your journal

Please don't flood the main forum with threads about what day you're on.

Keep all your progress (and questions specific to your progress) in the journal.

Yes, the thread will get long, but it's better that way.

Reading a journal from start to finish would be like reading a story of a person who used to be porn addict and then finally recovered. It will have all the details, all the ups and downs, and all the help and encouragement received from other forum members, which leads me to...

Step #5: Participate in other people's journals

This section is a lot more effective if we participate in each other's journals. It is highly encouraged to open other journals and post, ask questions, show support and give advice.

This will make us feel like a family with everyone helping everyone. Remember also, there are lurkers who do not make accounts who are being helped by our posts as well.

*Forum Rules*

  • No ad hominem attacks.
  • Be positive and supportive.
  • Respect that others may have a different approach.
  • Everyone has the right to an opinion.
  • We are all here to help one another.
  • If you don't have anything positive to contribute please don't comment.
  • Constructive criticism is acceptable; personal attacks are not.
  • Treat members in good faith.
  • This is not the place to brag of sexual exploits.
  • This is not the place to arrange dates.
  • Whether or not you believe in a Higher Power is a personal matter. Do not attempt to impose your view of these things on others.
  • You don't have to "correct" the thinking of others. It's OK not to comment at all.
  • Do not suggest illegal or controversial actions.
  • No encouraging the use of prostitutes.
  • If someone is struggling with sexual orientation doubts, he may have SOCD [sexual orientation obsessive-compulsive disorder]. Encourage him to quit porn, but don't try to analyze his orientation. He'll figure things out in time.
  • Be careful of triggers.
  • Don't name specific porn sites or actors.
  • If you must discuss a potential trigger put an alert into place so that others can avoid it.
  • When dealing with spouses of addicts be kind and not at all assertive. Remember, families, children, etc, are at stake.
  • Avoid name calling.


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Much Love

- Reboot Nation Team
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