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Hi Great to see this forum actively discussing on regulating the most strong addiction most men are facing in this digital era.

For me the reboot nation blog came in the midst of my journey where I was trying to regulate the masturbation.In fact it my healthy habit of No MO started this year on June 21.It was on June 30 th that I discovered that i have not fapped for  10 days in a row ,after a long time.So that day I remembered my last attempt to regulate the same which was in november 2013 which lasted around 20 days(failed when I watched 1 porn ,and habit recurred) and before that in 2011 time when I was actually on a No PMO cycle for around 3 months.

So I was once again curious to regulate this urge to fap for as long as possible.So i started tracking it on my wall calendar from June 30. I was already getting high on energy and I woke up everyday fresh.But on friday July 4 I felt extreme urge.I was feeling so restless,frustrated ,angry during that day.Especially in the weekend when I was staying in my room alone(I stay in a single room),it was a great challenge.
I started downloading porn from internet.Then slowly I was convincing to watch porn but no fapping.So the P part of the chain began.I watched it in bits.But I tried to distract myself whenever I was feeling the erection.In fact i had read a blog on the 4 phases of the erection-rise,straightening of the penis,getting hard and heat building up.So everytime my penis reached stage 3 , I stopped the porn or tried to do something else so that I could stop the urge to fap.
The strong urge to watch porn again continued the next day,I downloaded 2 more porn videos.But successfully overcome the urge to fap.As said before many a times there was strong fight between my new Willpower and Old habit.But what worked for me during this period was the awareness that I was at stage 3.Also I kept reading,googling about the benefits of holding the semen.There were articles which quoted that all great men who have created something great had extraordinary control over their sexual urges.

Weekdays are easy as you engage in your work and there is lot of socialising after that.So the next five days in the office was good.I was more alert and enrergetic to do mmore work ,but there were occasional mood swings and frustrations.

Then came the next weekend,again when you are alone sitting in the room ,the deamon of lust find you as an easy target and attacks you.But July 13 & 14 (Sat -Sun) I was more confident beause of the success of the last week.And on July 14 I came across this blog ,which really bolstered my belief in the need to regulate the fap.But while reading the articles I realised the importance of eliminating the Porn watching habit more than regulating masturbation.I watched the porn ,one last time and deleted the entire stuff my laptop.
Also understanding the core issue throught the videos presented in the reboot really helped.But on 16th early morning ,I did have wet dreams and there was an involuntary spill.But to be honest that felt very natural and I woke up the next day again very fresh and at the same time more balanced.I think reaching the stage where I realize that " Semen release is natural and will happen once in 3-4 weeks time, and I need not really consciously masturbate to release" was a major milestone.
So going ahead into my 26th day...continuing with no PMO...over the last week I have also  realised I am more socializing, paying more attention to girls,also pursuing lot of creative activities, and feeling a lot of inner strength(have hit gym and did some heavy squats)..

Will keep posting at the next milestone..goodbye


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This is a great forum and as I write my second post ,I can tell that it helps tremendously to keep track of what happened to your No PMO cycle and get rid of the addiction.
At the onset,let me tell you that my longest No P No M cycle has come to end on Sep1.Thought the No P track is still on.
I met my girlfriend on Sep 1 and that night and since we met after a long time I really got excited we kissed and cuddled for some loing time.As i returned home, that night ,I let myself off after 72 long days of No PMO.

But after two days ,yet again ,the temptation of fagging came back and i could not resist.Although I have kind of completely got rid of the Porn habits with no website visits,no porn videos watched ,not even consciously watching any steaming videos on youtube.

But I realised that it is now time to again refocus on my MO cycle and slowly regulate and strive towards elimination of M.It has got many challenges as it was during this time (last 72 days) I started getting attracted to the women in my workplace,started messaging some beautiful girls via my social networking sites.This is bound to happen as sexual energy builds up.But also I could realise a lot fo benefits in terms of learning and developing new skills like stock trading.Also I had so much energy that I was doing a part time job extra and started to get some extra money during my weekends.Yes,there were 3 instances during these 72 days when i had nocturnal emissions.But when it happens naturally you wake up really afresh ,compared to the case when you masturbate.While you masturbate,your mind kind of doze off after that for the next 1-2 days while you rebuild the sexual energy.On the other hand,when natural or wet dreams occur,you wake up and feel a lot of positive energy.
With all that experiences during this long stint,I am restarting my 3 rd innings from Sep 7,today with more focus on not falling in the MO Cycle.I know till 7 -10 days it would be considerably easy but then there will be a brief period of frustration which I need to tackle with creative activities like meditation,gym or dance.I am determined and enjoying this game of restraint !!