I'm watching porn I'm not even sure I'm attracted to


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I am 18 years old and Im addicted to porn. I have recently got into sissy hypno porn and it ruining my life! If I stop watching it will this fetish go away?? I have tried the no porn but usually only make it one week. I'm a straight male but my porn habits have escalted from lesbian to shemale and sissy porn! I just want these unwanted fetishes gone. I've been talking to this girl for about a month and I really like her and enjoy her company and I think she's awesome but I'm scared to have sex with her because of porn ed! How long do I need to reboot before I should think about having sex with this girl?


Yes fetishes go away with abstinence.

It's unknown how long it will take until you can have sex, may be 1 month, may be 6 months. Too many variables to consider. But the less sexual stimulus (excluding stimulus from real women) you have, the faster recovery will be.

But don't focus on having sex with her. You need to focus on cutting out porn and having a life. Fill your time with work, hobbies, friends and said girl. Once you start focusing on those 4 areas, porn addiction will be a lot easier to move on from.


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There's no time table on recovery.
You have to be committed.

All these escalating forms of porn you're watching is normal for an addict.
You'll get bored with the same hot chic you fine ideally attractive.
So you look for a new high. It's just like habitual gamblers who
start out with the office pool. Then they take their addiction
to underground bookies. Before you know it, they're booking a flight
to Vegas. It's about getting the new high on the next fix.
So now that you know this is normal for addicts, you need to drop
porn and masturbation completely.
Easier said than done.
It's cool to meet a young woman that you're interested in.
But at your age, you don't want to come up short when
it's time to perform. It's not the same if you were already
in the relationship. I'm not saying stop talking to her.
I'm only saying it shouldn't be a priority since you
have bigger problem now.


Hypno fetish is the same as any other porn, the longer you abstain from it, the less it will affect you..............


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