New here - hopefully I'll be thankful that I discovered this!


Hi all, I've just registered here after reading at YBOP. There's a couple of issues which have lead me here and after reading about rebooting/rewiring, I've thought, why not give it a try?

Hopefully you don't mind, but I'm going to share my story with you. You may be reading for a while, and I'm open to advice or opinions if you feel the need to share.

If you can't be bothered reading it all (I can't blame you!), then to summarise:
  • I believe I suffer from premature ejaculation, though not consistent, and probably pinpoint it to early use of porn when I was younger, trying to finish quickly
  • Get turned on incredibly easily
  • Crazy amount of wet dreams

I started masturbating at the age of 12 or 13, and from what I can remember it was influenced by sexual material - men's magazines with the tits of famous women or whatever. Also, I was one of the first kids in my class to have a computer and internet, so as soon as my parents went out I'd dial up, wait ages for a picture to load, that kind of thing. I feel I can pinpoint one of my current issues to this time in my life - I feel I sometimes suffer from premature ejaculation, and I think it has something to do with hurrying up a wank and cumming quickly so as to not get caught cock in hand.

So from this point I realised how amazing masturbating is. It started from once in a while when the opportunity arose when the parents went out, to growing up with alongside increasing internet speeds and masturbating at least once a day, usually with the help of porn.

In my late teens I got in to a serious relationship, and lost my virginity. I started off being able to last anything between 5 minutes to 20 minutes (or longer if I was drunk - which seems to be against the norm). As years passed I became very unhappy in that relationship - I became very unattracted to her, sex was becoming infrequent, and the relationship in general was just crap. Throughout, I often masturbated, and every other day it would be aided by porn. I'd say this wasn't the downfall to the relationship - it was a shitty relationship I'm glad I got out of.

Anyway, years on, I'm in a different long term relationship with the love of my life. And generally we have a fantastic sex life - trying new stuff, we both like the romantic sex or the pure filth sex depending on the mood we're in. We sometimes make our own videos. That kind of thing.

However, I get that turned on by what we're doing (which, let's be honest, if we're doing something filthy, that was probably influenced by porn we/I had watched and developed a kink for), I can ejaculate in minutes. Other times, I can go for 20 minutes, but that's rare. Usually it's less than 10 minutes. Some people are happy with that result. I'm not, and it gets me down. My partner is happy with it (she thinks I'm quite large so she can find it uncomfortable after a while), and if she hasn't orgasmed at this point, I focus on her with oral or masturbation.

Being busy with work, and generally satisfied with my sex life, up until about a year ago I found I only had time to masturbate probably a couple of times a week, usually over porn (I like porn!).

I'm now in my late 20s, and I found this site, indirectly, all because the last few years I've been having an abundance of wet dreams. Sometimes it's one every other night, once a night, once every couple of weeks. In the morning my partner might wake up with a wet patch on her pyjamas (which when typing makes me laugh!), and we'd joke about it but it could be quite embarrassing. So I thought, perhaps I'm masturbating too much, particularly over porn and getting over excited to the point where there's always sex on my mind. And I've always been quite the red blooded male, checking out a good ass as it walks by, or whatever.

So I got it down to once per week, with porn. It wasn't an issue for me, as I have pretty good will power. But I started to look forward to it.

At this point you're probably thinking, please, hurry the f*ck up and finish your story. Thanks for sticking by so far. I'm nearly done!

Fast forward on, and after a bunch of stuff, I've decided to move away for a year to fulfil a dream of travelling. My very understanding partner is fully behind me and I'm sure when I'm back and we've got all the hugs and kisses out of the way, we'll be having incredible sex in no time! So with travelling, being able to watch porn and / or masturbate is very limiting. Two weeks in to my travels, I had a night by myself, was mega horny, and fapped the night away to porn, and it was awesome. I waited it out, and did it again two weeks after. I'm now staying with relatives and having regular wet dreams and it's getting pretty embarrassing (two in one night yesterday!). Because of this, I've decided that I needed to do something about it. I googled and found myself here.

Being away a year from my partner is difficult as it is, but I'm thinking I should seize the opportunity and reboot my brain. I won't have the physical sexual urges right in front of me of boning my other half, because she's thousands of miles away, though I'm incredibly horny. So why not just pack in the porn, and hopefully masturbation, for this extended period? Not wanking won't kill me so let's give it a go. And hopefully when I get back, we can continue to fulfil fantasies for an extended period of time, have longer romantic sex, and still make home videos (and I don't think there's anything wrong with masturbating to that as it is pretty much real).

I'm two weeks in, hopefully I can continue it for a long time. Thanks for reading!


Jeez... just started deleting all accounts related to porn - just logged in to Tumblr to delete my account. Tits on there straight away!