78 days and real progress with DE

Hello all,

I recently started dating a girl that I had broken up with before I stopped porn. The first time we dated I never really felt comfortable. The sex wasn't even remotely enjoyable, I felt next to nothing, and over time that became humiliating for me. Probably for her too. So I broke things off and started really examining what was happened. That's where no PMO entered my life.

Anyway, this time around things are much, much, much better. I don't come every time. But I do sometimes. Awesome. For me and for her. I feel connected to her in a way that I didn't before (or with anyone else.) I think we started seeing each other again around day 60, so I started recovering sexually around that time.

I still have to go pretty hot and heavy to get off, and soft, lifetime tv movie type of sex doesn't get me off, but that's a world of progress for me.

Keep at it fellas. Your body will recover.



Staff member
That's great to hear man! I'm sure it will only get better with time.