Frequent WD bad?


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I'm on day 11. Last night I had a wet dream and also 2 nights ago I had one. Is that a bad sign? I haven't been peeking at porn or anything sexual. Maybe i was thinking about sex with a real woman before bed a little bit... other then that i'm clean. I've heard that wet dreams are a good sign... but i also read somewhere that if you are thinking about porn/peeking a bit it can make them more common and thus bad? A success profile i read of a guy that reached 90 days said he only had 6 wet dreams.

N/N/N/N/N/N/N/N/WD/N/WD  (just a visual representation of the last 11 days)

n= nothing (except 50% mw most days)
WD= wet dream


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Nothing wrong with wet dreams. It means you've stopped masturbating to porn and your body is finding another way to release. If you're thinking about porn and peaking then stop it. The mind wants to trick you into thinking if you just take one little peek it won't hurt but that could easily lead to relapse.


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I often have dreams of relapsing and of which i awake from thinking i have of course relapsed... the addiction brain does crazy things. I haven't intentionally looked at anything remotely sexual.