How to remove triggers when surfing the web on all websites


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-Click the Customize / Control Google Chrome button > Settings.
-Scroll down and click on "Show Advanced settings".
-In the Privacy section, click on Content settings.
-In the Image section, select "Do not show images".
-You can click manage extensions and enter in sites for you to allow OR (much easier option) is right click the red crossed grey box in the right hand corner next to the grey star (Favorites icon) which will appear on website of which have images disabled. Then refresh the page. It will be time consuming at first if like me you visit many websites each day... but once you've done it for those core sites having to occasionally enabled images on random sites you visit won't be time consuming... plus... when do you REALLY need to see images on websites. Anyways it's simply right clicking and ticking ''show images'' then click done and press F5.

Now you need to be in the right head space for this to work. If you are still tempted out of no where to deliberately watch soft core YouTube stuff by searching for sexual stuff (without even needing a trigger of any sort) ... you need to really think about how much porn is affecting you etc. Just think... every time your brain says... you know you feel shit.. you want a release... look at this sexy woman and wank to it just once THEN start your reboot... think... well that woman could be right in front of me in real life ready to have sex with me... but every day I continue to watch porn I am making the wait that much longer. Anyways bottom line... for me right now (16 days in) It helps so much not having constant sexual images come up luring me in... it allows me to forget about porn for most of the day.

The grass is sometimes greener on the other side. You just have to get there to find out. Aka stop wanking for 3-5 months and then see if you don't feel better :).
I hope this helped one person... maybe it didn't but it's worth a shot.


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This is sooo smart. It's  crazy how we have the right  extentions on our pc and yet still we download  another  app thanks  for the info mane. ;D


Another suggestion - in the hope it helps someone somewhere: I'm greatly inspired by the book Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. It really establishes triggers (or cues) and how their involvement in habitual behaviour - in our case, porn viewing.

So the trigger is in you more than it is in the external environment. When I feel down and sorry for myself I'm much more likely to notice the click-bait stories in the sidebar alongside legit news items.

It can also be something as simple as the time of day - I'm many times more likely to surf for porn after dark than during the day. It's just the habit I've built up.

In other words, consider your triggers or cues.


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I'm also reading ''HackBookEasyPeasy''. There is a post on this site about it. I personally downloaded the PDF version. Some people try to completely forget about the addiction altogether... i think that is wrong... reminding yourself how your addicted brain works and how the trap of ''porn makes you feel better, just relapse'' is bull crap. So yeah using blockers such as k9 and the original post method PLUS reading up about porn in a non triggering way (I've seen the odd porn addiction videos with flipping soft core images in it god dammit)... that's a great way to go about it. The power of habit it sounds good. But the only thing that concerns me is porn addiction isn't a habit (as explained in the hackbook)... but I'm sure it gives very relevant/similar advise.


Avast safezone browser + k9 web protection has been sufficient for me to avoid visual triggers.