Could i get an erection or even worse have a wet dream during an anesthetic?


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So I'm having surgery... men don't get wet dreams unless they abstain from porn addiction as far as i know. I'm worried that i could (it would be very unlucky if i did) have a wet dream during one. Please tell me i can't. The surgery will be 1-1.5 hours long. I know this seems like a silly topic... but i was thinking should i masturbate before the surgery? this isn't some kind of troll post either... i've slept at school for 20 or so minutes and luckily nothing happened other than a slight semi when i woke up.


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I don't think you can. When you're under an anesthetic, your body isn't just sleeping, it is in the deepest sleep possible. Wet dreams and morning erections happen during REM sleep, which is a completely different part of your sleep cycle.

And besides, even if it was possible, then it would be so common that doctors and nurses are all very much used to it. But I've never heard of anything like that and it's nothing you should stress about anyway?
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