The mentality that keeps me relapsing and then bingeing


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Does anyone else have this...
Lets say I'm bingeing after relapsing only once to soft core or hardcore porn... I often end up going full out and spending weeks watching all the different porn i enjoyed. For example today there is a certain video of a certain celebrity i want to wank to so i can ''start tomorrow'' fresh... I have this feeling that if i don't I'm going to spend the rest of my porn free life wishing i watched it. If I do that the next day there will be something else... and before i know it I've been relapsing each day 1-2 times for weeks straight...

It is a terrible mentality to have and i hate it. I need to think that no matter what porn i watch and wank to it will only be a temporary relief and infact by next day i won't feel any kind of boost or sexual satisfaction from wanking to it... i mean how much porn have i watched... probably hundreds and thousands of videos/images... do i have a feeling of completion or sexual satisfaction from doing all of that? I don't think I do!


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Try to think of it like poison ivy.  The itch that comes with poison ivy is different from normal temporary itches in that the more you scratch it, the more it itches.  Scratching provides no relief - only more itching!


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My suggestion is, when you are having a craving, not to think about the bad or the good, but rather the feelings and sensations in your body. When you get to a point of intense porn cravings you lose the ability to rationalize, so thinking about all the damage PMO has done just doesn't work. What is does do is make you think more about PMO. You have to distract yourself from those thoughts altogether and the best way I've found to do so is to focus on and observe how my body is reacting to these cravings. Focus on feeling not thinking. Feeling and accepting those feelings as opposed to thinking and fighting the thoughts. You never win when you fight yourself.