Virgin 20 and escalated - took me 3 months *2 years ago?


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Ok so I think I'm probably one of the worse cases of PIED. For the last 3 years (excluding times when i went more than 3 weeks) i had no morning wood and of course no random erections... I also ended up getting weak erections to porn.. I have to touch my penis to keep it erect. Excessive MO to porn has screwed up my pelvic floor too so that may be a factor. Anyways one year ago.. i reached i believe 2-3 months and i got solid morning wood... random erections (not too fun tbh especially when you are in public)... and pretty much 100% erections to touch alone. I have relapsed since and I'm working on reaching 3 months and then to continue that indefinitely (was totally in the clear until i unknowingly slowly relapsed by going on dating sites)...

In terms of bad cases I'm bad (watching extreme porn since 14-15 and I'm now 20). But it only took me 3 months to recover my erections... i've heard with my sort of case on paper it should take me longer. 3 Months is more for the guys that aren't virgins/haven't done it since their teens. Anyways... its been a year... does this perhaps mean i won't take too much longer than perhaps 3-4 months this time around? It would be crazy if it all of sudden took me 9 months. I seem to get semi MW (weak and not always) and I'm 4 days in.

My porn habits haven't escalated in the last 3 years they have if anything improved (relapsed on less extreme stuff). Nothing illegal though.