Christian dating app?


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My phycosexual counselor? I think that is the name... she wanted me to get tinder to start dating girl etc.. she still doesn't quite get that porn addiction does effect ur erections. As do a lot of doctors. Anyways I told her regular dating apps have half naked girls etc and are filled of girls just wanting to f***. She suggested me sining up to a christian dating app...
1 - I'm not Christian I'd be a dick to date a girl who is thinking i could be a potential partner etc.
2 - To be fair it isn't a bad idea in terms of rewiring... we won't be fucking and hey if she wanted to i'd have a good excuse aka... ''im waiting until marriage'' or ''Give it a few months blah blah jesus watching''.
I don't think it is right... but she was kind of serious about it. Anyways it's an idea for anyone else who is struggling... i have been for 3 years so.
I don't like the idea.

I used dating sites like that when fapping to P wasn't getting the job done; send a few messages, get a hook back and let things get a little 'blue' with the possibility of several conversations and an unlimited amount of 'marks' to choose from you can hit the same hyper-stimulation that you get from tubesites or the like quite easily. Mind you this was on; A CHRISTIAN site.

From everything I gather, real interaction, real life everything and not fake, internet or paid for interactions are what you want. YMMV, just my opinion