Lack of motivation for life/studying and work etc


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Does anyone else just have no motivation for anything? Like I'm 20 and applying to university and seriously... like i just cant imagine a job that i will enjoy OR at least a job that i'd enjoy that i can realistically get. The idea of working just bores the crap out of me and doing stuff like watching films etc.. just keeps me 'stable' as in I don't feel too much boredm but I'm not having fun. I really hope it's this addiction that is causing me these issues... because god knows how i will fare in the future if I'm a lazy slob.(edited)
I'm off to university to do a game design foundation course and then perhaps onto a 3 year degree after. But that industry is competitive as hell and realistically i don't have a good chance of landing job yet alone a sustaining career. My alternative is to do a business degree but god damn it is mind numbingly boring. Also the kind of people in business (those pushy salesmen)... i can't stand those people.


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My suggestion is to think more broadly about what you are interested in. You don't need to get a degree specific to any particular job, just think of a general field you are interested in. For example, if you have any interest in medicine, physical therapy, etc. then get a biology degree. If you're interested in technology and computing then get a computer science degree. If you're interested in law or armchair thinking get a social science degree. Once you have your undergrad you will have more exposure to the different options in that field and you will have had more time to consider what you want to pursue. And then you have an appropriate degree that will allow you to enter that field or pursue a graduate degree in something more specific. I made the mistake of getting a social science degree but I'm more interested in anatomy and physical health, so in order to pursue any higher degrees I have to take a ton of prerequisites just to apply to grad school.