At Uni - Made 65 days and relapsed - Attempt 2


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I made 65 days and got morning erections back and had the odd semi when dancing with girls. But for a few reasons i relapsed and have ended up bingeing for 3 weeks now. I've decided now is enough and i need to get back on the no pmo train. So i need to officially tell myself this fact and by making this post I hope to solidify that. At uni it has been a bit lonely... I've had a difficult time making friends... but hey i will give it time. I am by nature someone that enjoys their own space while enjoying social activities but often in short bursts. I've been trying to quit for a good 3 years now. I've reached 90 days of which my mood improved (and anxiety) but most notably my ED. I do have quite bad porn induced ED... i mean right now i have practically no morning wood as a result of relapsing... nor does my dick even twinge or get excited around girls.

No FAP 90 day challenge
Day 1: 8/11/17