And I thought I tried everything in my life.


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Hey guys!
So it begins, my nofap, noporn rehab. I'm 25yo from Warsaw, Poland. I'm about to graduate from med school. Last half a year was really difficult time for me. I'm about to finish my studies. I broke up with girlfriend. These things and some other made me wonder about my life, my path through it. I started watching porn when I was like 7yo or something. I started wanking even earlier. Always had difficulties with girls. I never had a real possibility to create my social skills when I was a kid so when I was older I was always "trying hard" to be a part of some group. Many groups. I tried to be a part of many subcultures. As you can guess, it never really worked. But porn was always there to comfort me, make me happier etc. So I became porn addict. I had my first sex with my high school friend, when I was like 23, by accident actually xD. Never slept with any of my girlfriends (all 3 were from religious enviroment and deeply believed in premartial purity). Now, when I'm on the verge of huge changes in my life, I start to realize how many of my goals from my high school times I left never achieved. I start to realize I lost my stamina, my energetic attitude towards people I had as a kid. After three huuuuge failures in relationships and 6 years on studies I hate with people I don't like, I cut myself off from people and came back to porn. Recently, I read Zimbardo's book - "Demise of guys". It made me wonder that pornography might be a problem. So here I am. Starting this journal. My goal is 30 days no fap no porn at least. No porn until June, with no fap, if possible. Keep your fingers crossed!


ola rogar & welcome to RN.

ive always wanted to visit portugal & brazil. one day i will, maybe after i beat this porn addiction.

congratulations on finishing med school! thats a huge accomplishment while dealing with relationships & having a porn addiction.

if you want to learn more, visit to see research studies of porn & its effects.

keep posting & good luck


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OK, guys. Small update. No PMO for last two weeks. I already experienced boosted concetration and motivation. Because fapping is forbidden, I actually tried to get a real girl xD Since my last breakup in September I had no motivation to go out and hook up with girls. Last weekend I pick up my old workmate, incredibly hot chick. It's like normally I would never do that because of my social anxiety. Once I am drunk, my flow is great. Couple days later I took her for a coffee. So when I was still in tram going there, I nearly had a heart attack xDD But when we met, I regained my flow, fully sober this time. I wouldn't even invite her for a coffee if I was still watching porn. Things worked great. However I worry ab one thing. I couldn't orgasm. I think my brain needs more time to rewire to real girls.

Plus nofap gives me more motivation to stay on my diet and exercise in gym. Already lost 10 kg and startto look great :D