Day 9 w/ no PMO- but lots of questions

Hey all,

I just started no PMO 9 days ago. So far, it's been going pretty well. I started using porn and masturbating to it around age 12, but I also masturbated to my own fantasies. There were times where I would just watch porn for hours on end, and other times where I would just get off in less than 5 minutes to my own thoughts. So I don't think my situation is on the extreme end of the scale.

That being said, I'm not sure if I should introduce NoFap as well. I've masturbated twice during this time (far less than I normally would). The first time my orgasm was crazy good and I came in 5 minutes. The second one I was edging quite a bit and it wasn't quite as good. Obviously, both of these times were without porn.

My issue hasn't been ED as much as DE. It can be really tough for me to cum during sex, and I've never done it during oral sex. Are there any people out there who have problems with DE but also have/can/like to get off without porn as well?



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DE is often a symptom of excessive masturbation combined with the death grip. I'd give yourself a break from masturbation for a month and see how you get on. My first ever reboot was about 35 days. Penis sensitivity during sex was off the scale afterwards.