What does it mean to FLATLINE?


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I keep asking this question.  Maybe someone has answered it for me but I cannot find it.
Lots of people talk about it but I really do not know what you are referring to.

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It's interesting that 19 people viewed this but did not answer. 

The way it was explained to me is that Flatlining is when you have no desire for the P anymore.
But your libido also goes down and it's tempting to PMO to find out if you still have what it takes to Orgasm
or get an erection.  I am certainly not claiming I know everything!  :p

I am not sure if that has happened to me.  In fact on Day 7 I went through my usual pre-cursers to PMO but
did not give in.  But I did feel the urge to orgasm.  So to me I am still rebooting.  I never want to PMO again.
That is for sure.  It's a wonderful life without it!!!  8) 8) 8)



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Good day Jed. This link may help:


I'm sorry this forum hasn't responded yet. I don't come here very often but I'm happy to answer your question:

"What does it mean to FLATLINE?"

My own flatline was a time of 'dead pool d*ck.' It happened around the two-week no PMO (porn, masturbation, orgasm) mark if I remember correctly. My dick shriveled up, I felt disoriented, and was in a constant two-beer-buzz state of mind. It's described in "Your Brain on Porn" by scientist Gary Wilson shared in a post:

"Nick: After a few days of brain tantrums (cravings), I went into a flatline for weeks. Basically I felt totally indifferent about girls, sex, everything. A little voice from the porn beast nagged at me in the back of my mind, but mostly, I just didn?t care. And my penis was very lifeless and small. It was like somebody just pulled the plug on whatever machine provides my sex drive. No libido at all. Aaron: (Age 22) I've noticed the 'dead penis' syndrome whenever I try to quit porn/masturbation. After about 4-5 days my libido is absolutely shot and my penis shrivels up to nothing. It's terrifying actually."

Bottom line: flatline is a necessary, yet painful, part of healing that is marked by low sex drive, a lifeless penis, and no erections. I hope that helps friend! PORN IS NOT AN OPTION. 


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Thank you for explaining all that.  You are right in saying PMO is not an option.
We do not have to be taught how to have sex!  I think that it is a natural thing to do.

I am on Day 8 now and what I appreciate most about it is my productivity rate has gone
way up.  The trick is to appreciate the productivity rate and keep increasing it.

Before about 2010 I put so much into my days it amazes me now to think about it.
I did do some IP before that but it took some time before that nasty thing took a lot
of time out of my life.

It's been very easy to give up PMO to this point.  Hopefully I will continue to realize what
I gain by avoiding it.

1.  Maximum sexual health
2.  Maximum physical health
3.  High productivity rate
4.  Clearer thinking
5.  Less guilt
6.  More hours to learn important things
7.  The increased ability to think and do things for others
8.  The ability to do the little things that make people happy
9.  Better computer health and knowledge that it was not P that caused the problem!
10.  Better moods
11. The opportunity to be a model for avoiding PMO.  This is what Reboot Nation is all about!!!

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