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Hey everyone! I am new to this forum. I am 21 years old and battling with PIED for a half year. My suspicion began when i finally got a girlfriend and had a crazy night. It was magical, just like in the movies! Prom, dancing, laughing and at the end of the night we went to my room...that was the moment I realized i had some problems. I was gonna lose my V card and become a man I always wanted to be. But something horrible little friend could not get hard enough. She was understanding, "maybe the alcohol and nervousness" I thought the same. Heck, who would want to think anything else? So after a week we tried again but failed. After a couple of days she broke up with me. I was devestated, but I tried to focus on my studies. At this time did I discovered After a long reading I tested myself and  after the test it was sure that I had problems with porn. Since that day I am trying to quit porn. My longest streak was 25 days without porn. I consider relapse when I sit down in front of the computer, look up a couple of porn videos and then jerk off. Currently I am at day 15, I am using OpenDNS family and got rid of every porn on my devices. Any advices are welcomed. I am in the end of my exam period, it is hard studiing law so I have to manage a lot of stress. I am fighting with stron urges and cravings but I will prevail!