My story, my start as PIED

So 10 year ago i was in a relationship, for 3 years, had no problems in bed, then i broke up with her, and went single for 5 years, watching porn 5-7 times a week, for maybe 30min or so. Then I met my next gf, and from day one, I had massive problems. Could get a hard on, pretty easy, but after 5 minutes, it just died out on me. I was sad, angry and really didn't feel like a man. Went to the doc, and he gave me Viagra, or similar pills, which ofc helps, but suddenly sex had to be "planned". If I watch porn i get hard almost instantly, and can keep it nearly 30min with no prob.

So for the last 5-8 years, I have felt tired, non motivated, kinda depressed really. Without any real reason. Now my latest relationship is over (some of my symptoms, like motivation, might have caused the breakup). And started dating again, and have to tell my new date, that i cant get a boner, which is a huge deal for me, and i kinda feel like i dont deserve to be with a girl. And almost keep me away from wanting to meet a new girl, since i feel, she will think I'm less of a man.

Another thing i noticed with my pornuse over the years, is that it graduatly turned more and more...sick, for the lack of a better word.

So i tripped over some youtube videoes about PIED, and suddently everthing made sense, the timeframe when it started, how it happen, when it happen.
Right after I saw this video on youtube, i did the test, and tried to jack off, just laying in bed, and relax, and was completely flacid.. nothing happened.

So i instantly turned on my PC, deleted my 400gb porn folder on my PC, and told myself, that this is it, never ever more porn. I don't have problems, no watching porn really, It was kinda "just a thing to do" for me, so I hope I will recover.

My biggest success, and dream i have is to get my libido back.

Pray for me guys :)
I'm on day 4, and will keep you guys updated


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Good luck with your reboot Viking.

Keep posting your progress and keep checking in on the progress of others. It helps everybody.

Stay strong!!!
A quick update:

Day 9: no problem with not watching porn, and a few days i actually woke up with a boner, which i havn't done for years, so slow progress, but steady.
Even told the girl I'm dating at the moment, which I havn't slept with yet, that I have this condition, and I pretty much expected her to leave me, but I thought to myself, if she does she isn't worth the time. She actually thanked me, told me that was not an issue for her, and told me "that is just a part of you".

So this was just a quick update