My Diary - Age 35 - ED for 5+ years

My story begins about 8 years ago, I was in between 2 relationships, I had recently gotten out of a bad one, I basically lost all trust in relationship, and love, so for 2-4 years (cant remember exactly) I only used porn. Not everyday but 3-5 times a week. Started out watching very softcore stuff, and as the time went by, i watched more and more. Then I met my "now ex" and problems started to occur.. I could get hard very easily with her, but after a few minutes of penetration, if died out. I got so frustrated, sad and at some point scared and ashamed. Went to the doctor, did some tests, and said everything seems ok, and it was in my head. He perscripted me Viagra or somesomething similar, and it worked of cause, but suddenly sex, wasn't spontanious and fun, but something that had to be planned out, I felt hopeless, and useless as a man. Never lost the interest in sex, but I just could do it. So after a few year in this relationship, i started watching alot of porn, becausae my gf didn't feel like sex anymore, and I started to watch more and more, and stuff I would NEVER ever throught I would search for. I started feeling sick of myself, for some of the stuff i searched for (abuse, horrorporn etc etc).When she ended the relationship a few months ago, I felt awful, and started dating a few months after, and started going on dates, but felt like it was pointless, since i couldn't perform as i was supposed to. Then I started googling ED as I have done so many times before, where I found recipes for what to eat to get better libido, dont smoke, drink and all that. But THIS time something new came up, and it was about "Porn-Indulced Erectile Dysfuntion" I started reading, and the more I read the more, I thought to myself.. this is my #?%?ing problem, and all symptoms has been explained. As soon as I found this website, and saw some of the youtube videos, I went into my 450GB hidden porn library on my PC, I had for many years, and deleted it all. And I told myself, ?%& this pornstuff, "if" this is what causes my ED, it is not worth the vids. Now I'm on day 9, an d not 100% sure, but feels like i get a bit more movements downthere, even woke up 2 days with a simi boner, which I havnt done for years. I have no problem, not watching porn, or masturbate, all this time, it has kinda just been something "to do" not really an addiction.

I dont know if this is what causes my problem 100%, but I feel like this is the only thing left for me to try.
So I hope with all my heart that this will fix me, at some point
Day 7, still no PMO, no real change in anything, but i keep strong, and continues. I dont really miss P, nor M, but miss taking off the edge with O, but I'll continue :)

Wish me luck