Meditation ideas?

I would like to start doing some meditation, can any of you point me in a good direction, or have good experience with youtube vids, book, podcasts or the like

Any suggestions is very much appreciated :) 


Using the Headspace app for quite some while now. Can really recommend it, especially if you are new to meditation.


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Basic meditation can be as simple as just focusing on your breath. When you notice that your mind has wandered just gently bring your mind back to your breath. Try this for 5 minutes a day. Don't judge your meditation. You're not trying to get good at it. You just do it.

However, if you really want to get into meditation then you should find someone who is familiar with some of the experiences associated with it as meditation is not without its dangers.



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Hi friend!

Meditation is awesome for our lives, as somebody said, start by focusing on your breath, just hear your inhale and exhale, the air flow, then when you feel in peace (with not a lot of thoughts coming and going) start thinking on who you really are? Remember your childhood, how you used to be? What used to like you? who really are you? Try to find your soul, don't judge yourself, everything is ok, just learn from yourself, just reconnect with your inner power, love you, forgive all your mistakes, is not to judge, is to love you, who you really are,  find your true self, how did you used to wear? where did you loved to go? what did you liked to do?

I wish you the best, just remember think on how you are, you are perfect, and love you, as you are now, on't judge yourself, just a lot, lot, lot of love to yourself and you will be finding your real self.

*Excuse me as you can see english is not my first language and I'm so tired now to think on grammar.

My best wishes always




It's by an opera singer and says that it's for singers but it works the same for everybody and it's absolutely profound


I like the books of Jon Kabat Zinn.  They are very rational, and although I would say he leans on Buddhism a bit too much, his methods are easy to learn.  Basic mindful meditation.