Starting 6 months and one week of no PMO


Hi guys,
I'm starting this thread to keep track of my progress in rebooting. This is going to be a success story.

Facts about my addiction:
- started around the age of 11, now 24,
- started trying to quit around the aqe of 13,
- long time no success
- when I was about 19, I managed to go almost 5 months without PMO, and before that some more (3?) months with jus one relapse. At that time my huge erections were back, also I was doing very well in life.
- Then my addiction kicked back in and escalated. Last 5 years were very bad in terms of addiction, but this year has been the worst time of my life in all aspects, including masturbation and porn.
- The only optimistic facts: I tried to quit for a long time, so I had some times (even if not long) without PMO, I had a gf/fiancee for a long time, so I touching and being touched by a real woman is natural (and helpful), I did regain my freedom & health once (though for short time), I never went into extreme porn, worst I did was bi threesomes/orgies (sory if trigger for anyone), which was disgusting, but I still watched it,
- I've come to a place where even minor stress leads to masturbation. I must learn to deal with it in a healthy manner.
- Also, even a minor sight of girl's body in the public can trigger me. Another thing to control. Asses are killing me, actually.

My reasons to quit:
- I'm catholic,
- I want to have quality erections again. As a child I used to masturbate prone, then I used to masturbate without the full erection and without giving my penis time to rest. I feel like my penis has shrunked and I can't get a full erection
- I'm getting married in 6 months and 7 days, and I can't let my wife down,
- my lack of self-control in this regard has affected my general self-control and I really need it back.

Yesterday I didn't watch porn and masturbate, but I'm starting counting from today, so this is day one. I can't fail. I won't fail. I have a clear goal and strong motivation.

I want to update the journal everyday. I know the "scheme" of addiction, but I still fail almost everytime:
- days 1-3: easy
- around day 4: first urges, usually after tiring work week,
- if I don't fail around day 4, next strong urges come around day ten. This is the time I literally can't stop thinking about sex and looking at every glimpse of a womens' body in public,
- if I don't fail around day 10,  usually it gets better for some time, but then the flatline becomes stressful (having a dead dick, even opposed to a regular semi-dead dick isn't easy).

In light of this:
- first goal: survive until next Saturday (Thursady and Friday will be most difficult),
- second goal: survive day 10 (middle of the next week),
- third goal: start working out this or next week, because it should help both keep me busy and I hope will help me with erections (more testosterone = better boners, I hope),
- fourth goal: don't go to instagram or other triggering websites & start controlling how I look at women.
- fifth goal: since I plan on being here everyday, I'll try to check up on other guys here, too. I guess it sucks to just write in my own thread.

Good luck everyone! Let's do it.


Day 2 finished.

Urges to go on instagram were strong, sexual thoughts too. I'm trying to stay true to what I said in the first post, so no social media. I'm not giving in.


Day 3 finished.

Urges to go to instagram and compulsively check girls out in the public to get aroused are in full force. It's gonna be tough for next few days.


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Congrats on the three days! it doesnt sound like long, but with all those urges and triggers attacking you it fells damn long! Go hard for another week or so and you may just start to see things improving!


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Keep it up homie. I see you have urges to go to instagram. For me the 9 out of 10 relapses are to instagram pictures. I find easier to stay away from porn than from instagram hotties. I could have 10 tabs with 10 different chicks profile, I think the novelty it offers you is similar to porn.


Day 4 finished.

Urges to look at girls in an unhealthy way today were off the charts. Sounds stupid, but I think you understand how looking at girls through the lens of porn addiction is different from looking at them the normal way.

Funny thing: in my city there is a pool with large windows, so people passing by can look at the hot chicks in swimsuits. That was a tough one.

Thanks for replies, guys, good luck to you, too!


Day 5 almost finished.

As expected, urges were very strong around day three. Now I entered flatline phase. My dick is extremely small and a bit cold, completely dead. Sexual thoughts turned into stupid fantasies about cheating on my fiancee even though I would never want to and have no chance to. Hope they will be gone soon, but it's a recurring theme.
I'm traveling, so no hot girls, very busy, I hope I'll be good.
Now I just need to be patient during the flatline. No trying my dick out, no trying to speed up the process.


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Yeah thats right, dont force it. No point trying to bat some life into it, I say enjoy the floppy cock


1 week finished.

- i achieved goals number 1, 4 and 5, next week i want to achieve 2 & 3. 4 will be a recurring thing.
- i think i started the flatline, though a had a slight morning wood today, so I'm not sure.

- sexual (porn-induced) thoughts are killing me,
- I watched a recent tv show, because of this I saw sexual scenes, sexual ads and wento an online forum to see discussion, there there was even more of sexual content, but hopefully I won't go deeper into this.

Good luck to anyone who reads this.


Well, after relapsing I couldn't bring myself to post here, but I must say that this is a moderate success story so far:
- I relapsed and got back up several times,
- then I went on a current streak. I don't know how long I lasted (around 70-80 days days),
- I was able to perform reasonably in bed, though I wasn't at my best,
- morning wood is slowly coming back,
- I'm doing okay, but the cravings are there almost all the time.

Around the end of the month I should be done with 90-100 days of NoFap, I'll see what happens then.