I relapsed after 76 days but haven't binged...


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I went 76 days with no porn or masturbation. The next 2 days after that i relapsed to soft core porn/images 4 times. However, I have since managed to keep off porn for 5 days since. Even though i relapsed i still feel like i've kept that habit of avoiding pmo. I've tried quiting for 4 years and I've never managed to NOT binge for atleast two weeks after relapsing until I'm basically bored of porn again. This time i didn't even watch full out pornos with some of the more extreme tastes i've developed.

I mean 4 pmo's is bad. I hope it hasn't removed ALL of the progress i made in terms of fixing porn induced ED which is my main focus. Tell you what I am still getting a somewhat decent morning erection after a good nights sleep. I don't get random boners or anything, although I'm 22 now so i'm unsure if you still get them at this age?

One thing i would like to add. I haven't actually ever had sex with a girl. So i don't really know how bad my PIED is in terms of that. I've only kissed, touched an ass in the club (with consent lol). But i know when i found out i had a problem which was 4 years ago that i couldn't get it up to porn one day and panicked.


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Forget it, i've practically binged now. PMO'd 3 times in one day. Can't be bothered to try anymore might as well fucking give up. 4 years and counting.


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Hey man,
I know you?re feeling down on yourself, but you?ve already proven you can do 76 days without it. Get back on the wagon and carry on. You have still made progress. You can do this!