The Cause Of My Pornographic Addiction


I don't know if this is you but basically, I was brainwashed. If you never knew this could happen, well now you will know what is like. Basically, I was 4 years back then. I didn't know what I was about to know about the world. The only things I knew was simple math problems, the neighborhood, my parents, basic Spanish to communicate, to be me and I could say how I felt in my thoughts. But what happens next is about to come down. Two sisters in my neighborhood got me with their fingers (brainwashed). Basically, they got me to do whatever they wanted. They will have me with their fingertips by seducing me and threaten me if I didn't do what they wanted. Keep on mind they were "CHRISTIANS" at the eyes of others. But their dark side was they were secretly lesbians at the eyes of others who didn't know and probably incest. You see where I lived "$ex" and "Money" had everyone even Christians. You probably are thinking this person must be lying and believe it or not this still controls me. Believe or not believe when you are a child, people think that you are the most innocent thing, you don't sin and you are not capable to do harm(stereotype). Now, that I am in my beginning years of adolescence I quote " Stereotype! There is no age to act in a certain way, by the way, all that time adults in charge act like big baby's. Exactly, this makes my point". You probably think 'huh! That's a lot". That's only a bit of my cause. The answer to this true story is: The Cause Of My Pornographic Addiction is that I didn't get my parents attention and concern. If you will like to share your cause of your pornographic Addiction feel free to share it to fight it together.


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Hello Braved118, I hope you're doing well and that fight with the addiction is going better if we can formulate it like that. I am sorry to hear that your parents couldn't help you when you were younger, but definitely you'll make it through. Everything is in our will power. Easy to say and not as easy to do, but as long as you're aware of your weaknesses, you'll be able to overcome them. Be kind to yourself and have patience. Addiction is a real burden, but everyone can find a door to escape from it.