Can use of non porn related social media slow the reboot

Edward VII

New Member
Day 49 of reboot. I?m pretty sure this isn?t just coincidence because of the timing. I?ve found the times I?m quite intensely using social media like twitter or scrolling 24 hr news sites (I may have an intense couple of days or a week if something interesting is going on), even where there is nothing at all porn related in the slightest, I?ve gone back much more into a kind of flatline / low libido state after having been feeling better. Anybody else find this? I think social media generally can also be a mild addiction and can activate the same search and seek and scroll centres in the brain thereby reflooding some dopamine and holding back the reboot. Rather than looking for porn you are looking for interesting comments or articles to get your fix. Perhaps this reinforces some of the old pathways.