How to build a support network

My partner is a porn addict. :(

I found out 5 days ago and he has been "clean" for 5 days now.
We had our first couples therapy session yesterday and plan to continue. I want to also get him specialized help with a register CSAT but there are none in my area. Does anyone know any in Ontario, or at least Canada, that do online video appointment and are really good but not crazy pricey? Thanks.

Also how do I help him build a support network. He doesn't have many friends and doesn't go out much (I work and he watches the kids). He has a brother in town that he can go see but I want him to have a few more supports and people he can talk to when needed. Any ideas? Thanks.



My partner has started a journal on here. He finds this helpful both in terms of the process of writing out his feelings, but also getting support from others. He has found reading other people?s journals helpful also :)


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joining this forum would be a great start for him, theres so much good information and so many great people who will help him get over his filthy addiction.