relapse relapse relapse

I wish everything were so fantastic as disney movies...
Well i have been here for some months and I have been trying to quit porn for a year and a half more less...

I achieved 90 days of no PMO, not even 91, bc on day 90 I fapped, without P, but i did it. And since then, around end of june, i have masturbate so much less than what i was used to but now I can say that masturbating for my reboot is not good at all. At the end of 90 days i was having good MW, and even days after I masturbated i had one rock solid boner.
  So, i have decided to begin a journal. I dont want to masturbate anymore. From now, HARD MODE ON. MAKE MY ERECTIONS GREAT AGAIN. (Im not from USA, sorry if sb can be offended by that, in that case, i will delete it. it is just that it makes me fun ahahah)

I have just relapsed, watching porn........... so bad....... it doesnt worth it at all...... so i write here to remember myself, IT DOESNT WORTH IT !!!! KEEP YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM U BASTARD!!! ok, enough for now

let s begin the battle!! i hope im gonna win, and all of u who are there, we will be free of this jail sooner or later, but we will be free!!


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Thats pretty impressive, 90 days!
Do you remember the trigger that cuased you to relapse before? Perhaps an emitional state, or a provocative image on social media?
Yes you are right, its totally not worth it. There is nothing good about porn, at all. It ruins lives and relationships, and the scumbags that make a career out of it, both producing and starring in it, are filthy animals who are broken and lifeless - lower than pond scum. Understand that as well.
Youve done 90 days before so there isnt a reason why you cant do it again!
PS, "make my erections great again". LOL, thats fantastic.
thanks Fappy!!! totally agree man, but my addicted mind doesnt understand it; once i enter the loop bc of some trigger, it s difficult to get out of there.
my trigger was tinder, it s the only social media i have. But i deleted it already. I have to stay focused. When i achieved it, I wanted to start meeting girls, so i downloaded it, it started to appear some hot chicks there, and it carried me to masturbation and porn.

Today is my day 2, bc i relapsed again. I overcome my addiction to weed, that i smoked it everyday, and it s happening the same with this addiction. For me, it s fucking difficult to stay away from the substance the first weeks, but once i have achieved 3 weeks without it, im cool. Maybe i was 3 months free of weed, but one night i smoke some, and the days after that i felt the huge need of smoking, and this need was stronger than my will so i let it go and smoke as much as i wanted. So, i totally quit and now I cannot even smoke one hit, well i can, but i dont want.  So the same has to happen with that, i have to set up a lifestyle where masturbation and porn have no place in my life. Bc it s enough that I masturbate one time, to get caught in a huge relapse with no ending.

Good luck to everybody, lets keep pushing!!!! I want to share with u a practice that helped me when i achieved 90days free. it s the wim hof method, it s kind of a relaxation-meditation practice combined with cold showers!! I cannot do it anymore bc my breathing system is a bullshit and it harms my eye, but I really reccommend all of us to enter in the marvelous world of COLD SHOWERS. better and much more healthier than 50 coffees, it boost your energy and you have a clear mind after that. AND IT S FREE. well u have to pay for the water from the tap, but u are gonna pay less than if u have a hot shower, u understand me hahaha

when i was trying to quit smoking, i started to taking cold showers. It s a gradual proccess, and u get used to it along the time, but my firsts times were ufff shocking. So when i decided to quit smoking, and some day i smoked and got high, i had a rule and it was that that day i had to take a long cold shower (5 mins) hahahha I told to myself 'ok u had fun smoking ahh little bastard, so now u are gonna pay for this' and fucking cold water stabbed my mind!

sorry if sth it s not weell explained but i have my english disused.



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Sounds good to me. You know what you need to do to keep this bastard in check!
And as you said one more day down is another step to victory!
I like to say: a day without porn is a good day.
Thanks Fappy!! Today is day 3 without PMO...
Yesterday i met a woman and we have such a great time together. My penis was totally limp during all night and it ejected cum without gettin hard... so many relapses... when i achieved 90 days i felt really energized and full of testosterone, talking to many woman and wanting to meet them, but i didnt achieved it. With some MW and really happy bc of achieving it.
now that after several relapses, i am a little bit depressed and anxious, but im not gonna give up. Im fighting over that monster again stronger than before. See you people
heyy today is day 12 clean... that s gooodd... it has been easy these days bc i have had holidays and i have been travelling... i met this woman and we have seen each other a couple of times... the same... cum leakage before even it gets hard... and ofc, it didnt get hard after this leakage... so im thinking about taking some viagra. i havent tried it, but i need to experience it. im gonna take it responsibly... i have look for some advices but if someone have any advice on taking viagra it s very welcome. thanks and peace everyone
hi there! day 21 free... last night i met this girl and i couldnt get it up... i still eat her but i was so disssapointed although i knew it was gonna happen... i have bought cialis on internet, i have decided to try it bc i need some kind of boosting my sexual mood... i will write how it s going when i take it... cheers people


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Excellent 21 days!
Its a shame that you couldnt get it up enough to stick it in her, but at least you know not to do it again until youre a little more progressed in your reboot. As for the stiffy pills, Id be careful about them, even as a one off to get your confidence back. You may come to rely on them which would be awful.
pf I havent been able to have good sex. I have really hard premature ejaculation. I can just be inside her like for 5 sec.

We tried to have sex maybe like10 times. I cum really fast in all of them. I could get an erection bc of cialis, although i feel that i can get hard without it when we start kissing, but this hardness just stays for 1 minute.

Premature ejaculation is shitty, i dont want to masturbate but if i dont do that, i wont last more time in bed. And she is starting to reject sexual scenes with me....

Any advice on that?

Do or die

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150 days nofap cures your premature ejaculation. Also try start and stop method while peeing. It will help to recover yourself from premature ejaculation.
thanks dude, i have read about that technique like kegels, i will do them again. But in relation with nofap and PE, i really doubt about that, i have been 90 days without pmo and my premature ejaculation is quite worse than before, although erectile disfunction has improved
10 days without PMO
Im feeling anxious bc i have to deliver my thesis and my work contract finish in less than 2 months. I have so many urges but i am being able to resist them. I have discovered a thought that conmes to my mind regularly whrn urges comes: cmon you are gonna heal, u can masturbate for last time. But i dont want anymore, i pretend to br hard mode 90 days or till i find a girl with who i can O.
For the moments, i will place my hands where i can see them.peace