Hey, im gonna copy a post from 2017 bc it happens exactly the same to me. I would be very glad if sb knows about it:

I think my penis can't stay hard because of precum. Whenever I start kissing her, most of the times I immediately have an erection and start emitting precum. After some minutes, after precum is emitted the penis goes down and becomes at max semi flaccid, but it keeps emitting precum.
After this stage, no matter what we do, I can't regain a firm erection.

I tried to test it even in a masturbation scenario. I started masturbating, and when precum started to come out, erection immediately slightly lost quality (just very slightly). If I stopped and tried to regain erection with porn after some minutes, it was a bit more difficult to achieve erection, and my penis felt "tired" and porn "less interesting", exactly like I had orgasmed.
During masturbation though, this isn't a problem, since most of the times you just start looking at porn and start stroking until orgams, there are no preliminaries or kisses or greetings.

The same thing happens with my girlfriend, but on a much grievous fashion. Precum comes out much more quickly and in much more quantity compared to a masturbation with porn scenario. It's like some kind of premature ejaculation. After some minutes my penis felt "tired" despite not having done anything other than emitting precum.

If I go home after I have been kissing and masturbating reciprocally with my girlfriend (with no orgasm, as I said) and start watching porn, sometimes I can't even get it hard, and some other times is noticeably more difficult compared to normal times. My dick feels very tired, in some way.

I read online that your body can "mistake" precum emission for a full blown orgasm. And I feel like this is exactly what's happening. I believe there is some kind of psychological component, since maybe my girlfriend can't turn me on like a porn would do, despite the fact I get much quicker erections when I start making out with my girlfriend (not always) compared to erections with porn.

Does anyone have symptoms similar to mine? I think there might be some biology behind this too.

I would happy to know if there is someone with my exact symptoms, and if he managed to heal with nofap.


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Pre-cum, doesn't cause anything, it is the result of sustained arousal, period. Its intended to aide in lubrication during penetration, like your own personal bottle of lube that you take with you. Don't over think this and in regard to your dick feeling tired, that's your brain and its obviously been over stimulated by porn/PMO. Everything happens in the brain and naturally we release chemicals in the brain to cause erections, but using porn has so over stimulated your brain that the normal level of chemical release is no longer sufficient to create and sustain an erection for you. This is why the HARD 90 is so important, it gives your brain a much needed rest.

In the Hard 90, during the beginning stage, you will go thru a period of even less penis reaction, he will feel dead, smaller, and you will be tempted to test that he is still functional and try looking at porn. DON'T DO THAT, trust the plan. The reason your dick will seem smaller and dead is because you've kept your brain/dick constantly at a certain level of arousal by regular porn/PMO usage and now on the HARD 90 you've taken that away, but it takes time for all the chemicals involved to dissapate from your body and for your brain/dick to return to its normal intended static state.

Soon you will begin to feel the exact opposite as your body seeks a state of natural equilibrium. Your dick will begin to seem bigger and you will have the sensation of fullness. Once again you will be tempted to correct this out of fear you are too full of semen/cum and want to wank and/or view porn. DON'T DO THAT, trust the plan. Your body has ways built into it to deal with excess semen/cum. You may experience a wet dream, but even if you don't your body will simply release the excess into you urine stream and expel it when you urinate. If you lift weights you may experience erections when lifting and/or a semen leak during exertion, don't worry that is normal too.

Simply put we were never meant to be stimulated to the level we are in our society, but sex sells. We are bombarded with images, music, slogans, provocative clothing, etc, plus access to free porn on tap 24/7 and its just too much. Its no wonder so many struggle and are confused about their sexual selves. In the 60's they had a slogan for those who wanted to be cool, they said to, "Turn on, tune in, drop out". Well that didn't go so well for society as it led to where we are now, numb, confused and disappointed. A better slogan, if you want to regain your true God designed sexual self is,"Turn off, tune out, get involved"...

Well friggin' said!