NEW Q&A VIDEO: Porn During Covid, Myth of "90" Days, Performance Anxiety & More

Gabe Deem

Staff member
What's up RN,

Just posted a new Q&A video answering questions from my Patreon supporters. This one is relevant as I dig into:

  • Porn during the pandemic
  • How lockdown affected my mental health
  • The myth of "90" days to recover
  • Despair during a long flatline

And more. Here is the link:

Hope y'all find it helpful. Much love


Gabe, thank you for everything you do, man. I've found out about porn addiction thanks to you. It was 2018 when I discovered one of your Youtube videos. I had been hating porn since I was about 18 for my reasons but without knowing it was an addiction. I was probably searching for some video or article that hated porn so I could feel good about it  :D and I found your video. You got me started. I've found Garry Wilson and your brain on porn and Noah Church thanks to you. All of you guys are pioneers and very important people in this new movement that addresses a very big health problem that it's so common nowadays. It makes me mad to see kids getting engaged in this porn behavior that could ruin their lives later on like it's done to me. I was a victim of complete lack of knowledge but they don't need to be too. I thought porn was just what I needed to use to masturbate. I thought normal masturbation was masturbating to porn. I was wrong. Keep spreading the knowledge and awareness.