loss of sensation and strugling to reeboot

hello guys

i have been experiencing loss of sensation on the penis and while in quarantine i started masturbating sometimes 10 times a day then i experieced ed but now i cant feel a normal sensation even masturbating from pornography i had sex and it was ok but not as good as it was i could orgams during sex but it that good, i am afraid this is permanent but its getting worse

what worries me the most is that i cant spend more than 2 days without relapsing any advices guys i really really want to get better
i know this may sound dumb to you guys but i really am not being able to spend more than two days without masturbating i cant imagine myself being able to do it for 90 days please some help
Hey Bro, You are trying to fight an enemy that you don't understand fully. Doing any form of nofap for you is like a soldier planning to enter the enemy territory without having a map or battle plan. I recommend you to read a book by Gary Wilson by the name Your brain on porn. This book will open your mind about porn addiction and you will know why you do certain behavior when abstaining from porn

Hope this helps you because you can only tackle this addiction with a high level of awareness which comes by reading this book.