18 yo with no libido for the last 6 months


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So I stopped pmo in August 1st and relapsed in August 25.. a few days later I lost my libido but I didn't know something like this can happen so I didn't understand it and thought everything is fine. 2 months later I met my girlfriend and started masturbating bcs I thought I would just be extremely horny but it was far from the Truth.. a few weeks later I understood I had no sex drive and couldn't get it up.. by the way I'm 18 yo now. Then I spent 3 and some months without masturbating but nothing changed and so in late February I started masturbating again to see if I can wake up my sex drive because I'm like 5 months with my girlfriend and can't do anything. So yeah I have no libido for the last 6-7 months I really don't know what should I do I'm really desperate and need some help and guidance pls. I'm 18 and can't get it up, I actually have no urges to even masturbate pls help.


Hello my friend! First, take it easy. Second, listen to me. You are now in the dead cock stage. At this stage, you will not have any sex drive, it will take you time to recover. To restore sexual desire is possible only if you give up porgography, masturbation and too frequent and strong fantasies.You need not jerk off and not watch porn for 6 months or more in order for you to feel positive changes.Have you had a sexual experience? Are you a virgin? If you are a virgin, then you need to rewire your brain to real partners. In short, don't jerk off or watch porn for 6-9 months. After this period, start trying to start a relationship, so that you reinstall your brain.My English is terrible, but I hope you understand the main points.


You actually dont need to have sex to heal, all it takes is time from porn and masturbation. The only thing you need to rewire is socializing with women.