I can sense it building up


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I'm in the fortunate position that at the moment I can sense my desire to watch porn, so I'm doing pretty well at beating it. But its a double edged sword. I can also feel the desire growing and growing. I know its not what I want long term, I know I'll be pissed off afterwards, but I keep thinking about all the 'new' porn that I've missed since stopping.

I'm trying to manage it day to day but I can feel it and don't know what to do to get over the urge. I've managed to cut out impulsive use but am struggling with aspect at the moment.


I saw a hypnotherapist who taught me a neat trick and then reinforced it with the hypnosis. It simply is this: I give a name to that voice in my head that tries to get me to do or think about things that hurt me, whether it is addictive temptations, or telling me that I have to worry about this or that or any other negative thoughts. I have named mine sh**head. Whenever I hear him (you know the voice, we all have it) I immediately say in my head "F off sh**head! and then add a mental sound to reinforce it (for me I imagine castinets).

You can make the name anything you like, make the expression anything you like and the sound anything you like and can hear in your imagination. You then have to use the trick EVERY time you hear that voice. The one that says, "it won't hurt to take a peek at porn" or that tries to make me remember scenes that I have seen in the past. I may have to say it in my head 3 or more times, but so far (3 weeks) it has stopped me from regressing and stopped me from imagining those old porn scenarios. Do it as soon as you recognize that dysfunctional voice and do it consistently. It has helped me stop worrying about many things and has helped with my anxiety disorder as well. Hopefully I made some sense here and it helps you. Best of luck!