Jose's Journal


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Well, I haved relapsed several times so I decided to start this "Diary" and I am not too good at writting in english, Ill try my best.

Im 18 years old, im from Colombia, I began with porn when i was 11 years old and I think that the last 2 years I Haved masturbated almost every day, now thinking a about it sometimms I did not want to do it, I was just used to it so I did it anyway. I think my worries began when I  tried to have sex with my Highshool gf and I almost didnt feel anything so I coud not eyaculate(at the end we broke up but not for it, well maybe yess, it was for it but I try to lie to myself).
I tried to stop masturbating/Watching porn but I always relapse, And is really frustating because in one week I could see improvementes as strong morning woods(This was really good because I cant remenber morning woods before this try of leaving porn) and erections just with the act of kising my girl but then I watch porn and I lose all that progress. An this makes me think:
If i see improvements just with one week imagin how good is it oging to be the inprovements with one month or one year or the improvements that I would get leaving this habit for ever :(

I?ll try to write here once per day so I  can distract my mind from porn  (If someone want to talk with me about it I will be willing to do it so we can help each other)