no more to and fro

Phineas 808

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Congrats on day 25, Joel!

I like your plan to stop counting days after the day-30 milestone. It's exciting to be in that place where we can just live a p-free life, and not have to be attentive to counting days. That's where I'm going after my day-90, for my current abstinence challenge.

I'm so happy for the effectiveness that the EFT has been for you. In a similar manner, mindfulness and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) plays a role in my approach, too. Though I don't think of it as technical as it sounds.

I love Noah Church, though that's awesome if you took his course, and have his direct coaching.

The trauma angle can be a key to understanding how our sexuality went off the rails... For me growing up and as a teen age runaway, there were traumatic events that my later behaviors were rooted in. While stopping the behavior is a matter of habit-change, if they're rooted in trauma, it deepens the emotional aspect to the addiction. Many add unnecessary years on their recovery by trying to untangle all the subconscious aspects before quitting (if ever). But it's okay, and perhaps preferable to treat both on a simultaneous track, as we can first stop before addressing the deeper issues.

So excited for how things are going for you, brother!