Hell or high water


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First post first public journal and first time rebooting.

Saturday April 10th my wife requested a separation after 6 years of marriage and feeling emotionally disconnected. She suggested I see a therapist as we?ve had our ongoing issues. On that Thursday I spoke to a therapist for an 8 minute introductory phone call and it all became clear. I have a masturbation problem. I believe it all started after our honeymoon for reasons I won?t get into. She is pretty discouraged in our relationship and says the trust is lost.

I told her last night about my problem and she laughed she apologized but it still hurt to be that vulnerable and be laughed at.

The last time I consumed any porn was on Monday April 12th and I have given it up since. I have also decided to give it up until I win her back or we officially divorce. I?m on day 7  now I feel great. I have more energy,  clear headed, more motivated and better I touch with my emotions. I have made this post for accountability and to keep you guys along for the ride.

This woman is my life she means everything to me and I will stop at nothing to win her back.


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Welcome and well done on embarking on this journey of a newer healthier more free you.
I think you really need to think about why this started and work through it properly. I found personally there has been a lot of stuff I repressed which has been and still is scary but its what we must do.
You are early into your reboot and things will probably get dark depending on how deep you were in with this problem. I went through withdrawal with mood swings and felt freezing cold all the time. It sucks but worth going through.

I know your wife is your world but its not enough to do this for another person. I am finding this out the hard way and currently living apart from my partner. We need to change for ourselves. Like they say you can never truly love another person till you love yourself.

Good luck man. I am rooting for you.


What Chris1986 just said is 100% right. We have to do this for ourselves before doing this for anyone else.

Good luck Levinoss, we are with you!  :)