Did I relapse?


Hi, this is my first reboot and I should be 11 days in now, today I woke up with morning wood and I just had an erotic dream so I couldn't resist but touch myself a bit, first thinking about this dream (it was about this girl I slept with a few years ago) and then thinking about my current girlfriend. I didn't watch porn or orgasm but I did masturbate a bit...Also this afternoon I was on Instagram with absolutely no intention to watch any girl but they were spammed in stories and again I couldn't resist but watch a few pictures... I don't know if this counts as a relapse and will set me back, I can just hope for the better. Would be sad because I was just starting to see some improvements (I had a few morning woods for the first time in years). Any help?


I exactly know how you feel, I had similar situations of guilt and inadequacy many times during my reboot and sometimes I still have them but less frequently. In moments like this just try to stay positive - tell yourself that you're doing great, that you're brave and strong for doing this,...because you really are corageous for taking this step so acknowledge that and just keep moving on ;)
Much love brother


Hey man,I wouldn't count it as a relapse since there was no porn involved.However if you ask me MO so early in reboot isn't the best thing to do and might slow down a recovery.I strongly suggest going at least 90 days hard mode(meaning no O at all) and after those 90 days only if you feel like it you could MO,of course without any porn or porn substitutes like those instagram pics.There are a lot of posts of guys going 9-15 months on normal mode and haven't recovered untill they went hard mode for couple of months.Be careful about your triggers,stay strong bro they don't call it hard mode for no reason.Wish you best of luck