Suffering for Years


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I've been suffering from PIED for years and for years I have done nothing about it. That is until now. I'm 41 days in and hoping this is the time that I finally walk away for good.

How long will it take? No one can answer that. I have over 40 years to overcome. It's not going to happen in a few weeks. I know my penis still works, I can still get hard, but I have to get hard when I'm with my wife. I have to be able to ejaculate. I have to feel her and look at her instead of the porn fantasies in my head. Yep, a long way to go.

I just wanted to chime in here. I guess I'm not looking for answers right now. I don't think anyone can tell us how long it will take and exactly what we'll go through. Sure, we'll have a lot of similar experiences, but I'm sure we will all get there on our own time and our own way. However, I'm still looking for tips to make it easy just like the rest of you.

I hang out mostly in the Journals section. The 40 and up section. I feel comfortable there. I wish there was a separate forum just for 40 or 50 up for this PIED issue. Again, I know you don't have to be older to experience it, but discussing the issue with people my age is very helpful. We started at the same time. Before the internet. Magazines, VHS tapes, anything we could get our hands on. Then we all got the internet and we lost our minds. Trying to get mine back now.


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theres a lot of things to use to get your mind back. heres a few good ones that RebootNations very own Fappy used to overcome his PIED cluster fuck!

1. take note of your triggers, literally, write them down. get them out of your head, youd be suprised at how many youd have! anything, any situation, any mindset, any visual or auditory stimuli that would trigger an urge to PMO or that has done so in the past. write all that shit down. by doing so you are identifying it and it will nullify it because youve recognised it for what it is. its a good way to stop the urges before they have a chance to take hold.

2. this might sound weird but it worked wonders for me: sit down and have a long, hard (sorry..) think about all the ways in which your PMO addiction has fucked up your life. write these down too, make them into something tangible by your own hand. it may sound like an exercise in self-depreciation, but seeing the extent to which PMO has destroyed your life and mind, relationships, interests, sexual preferences, etc is an extremely powerful motivator. you can see right in front of you on paper what its done to do, constantly look at it, and youll be filled with disgust at how far you let it go and for what?! this is wake you the fuck up and give you the steadfast determination NEVER to let those things happen again and to sure as fuck not let them continue.

3. throw yourself completely into your hobbies, i mean completely. absorb yourself in them and think of nothing else during. the further into this recovery you get the more trickier your brain will be to try and get you to relapse, so you need to occupy it with something else. or, if perhaps you dontreally have any hobbies, go try sometihng new!

these are just a few of the techniques that helped me get my life (and penis) back. and jesus fucking christ if i can do it anyone can!


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Great reply Fappy! I agree with it all. Writing things down... that's exactly why I have the journal here. I'm letting it all hang out for everyone here to see. I have typed all my secrets in here. It feels good to do so. I wouldn't do it on paper or I would have to burn the paper immediately afterward! I'm happy to anomalously share here because I don't know any of you. I think I would do the same if I had a physical support group to go to, but this is working wonders for my head.

Now, hobbies, you bet! I'm a musician and I've been playing a lot of guitar and I do that instead of looking at porn. It is fantastic.

So, these things are all helping and I come here every day to encourage, share and learn. It's definitely better than visiting another porn site. I also hooked up with an accountability partner who is just about where I am in recovery. We are writing to each other every few days. Feels really good to tell him things as well. It like therapy without the bill.