Porn Induced erectile Dysfunction


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Hello Everybody, thank you for taking the time to read my story.
For Context I am an 18(M) and have been masturbating ever since I was 12/13 way before I even Knew what porn was. Ever since I have been masturbating every single day several times a day to a point where it affects my personal confidence, relationships, studies and health. Some would call it a brag but its not. It has affected my entire life in a way that is creating consequences and I am suffering and drowning here. I joined this forum to help me stop this addiction.
The 1st time I stopped I managed to stop for over a month during the holidays, but once school started I had fallen back in to my addiction. Later I tried to stop again with withdrawal symptoms, Hard erections way too many times a day. I would wake up and be unable to sleep with an erection. Ever since my size has decreased( which affects my confidence), I can no longer get erections unless its some type of pornographic material. And Since I stopped exercising its stopped but I get sudden urges and its like I am a prisoner in my own body and I see myself again after the act is done. Please help me out.


Man you are young, do it now please... You have a long wonderful life ahead of you. Don't be like me and binge porn and jerked off daily for 40 some years... The effects have been beyond negative...I am 31 days now and already seeing positive results... It's a tough road but together we can over come this... Hang in there and be strong... Life and sex can be so much better without porn. Message me anytime you need someone to talk to.


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Congratulations on realizing it's a problem, and good luck with putting it all behind you!