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Yesterday I was complaining again. People just don't do things in a perfect way when they are working with me. Since I am perfect, that is a – Wait, I am not perfect either.

We forget that we are not perfect when someone else makes mistakes we would not make. The problem is, we make a bunch of other mistakes they would not make.

#1 I need to be humble and remember that we all make mistakes.

#2 I need to remember how God reacts (Sometimes with fire) to people who complain.

#3 How popular will I be if I am Mr. Negative?

#4 Complaining puts us in a worse mood. Forgive, and forget. Or ignore the issue if possible.

#5 Complaining helps us believe the theory “Life stinks,” on a higher level.

What does the Bible say about complaining?

"Do all things without complaining and disputing, " (Philippians 2:14-). Consider memorizing this command.

Finally, I will repeat the last line of the Feb. 28th article:

Consider focusing on making it a habit to praise the Lord, give thanks, or to rejoice every time you are tempted to complain. That habit will make you happier, and it will help in the fight against lust.

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Warning - Christian-focused content. Please only proceed if that is what you want.

Jesus gave the sinner “Living water.” How do we find it? To me, the Christian who is obviously “different,” who is filled with love and purpose has “Found it.”

The challenge is... We accept Christ, and then struggle in habits that keep us from purpose. To break habits, the rule of 10 says to focus on one new habit now, this week, this month, even though we need all 10. We need to start somewhere.

Learn the “Praise the Lord” habit. This habit fights addiction and depression, and it is a big part of “It.” When David was doing spectacular things for God, he had the constant habit of praising the Lord.

If you have constant thoughts of lust, consider praying:

“I am sorry,” and praying, “I worship you Lord, not lust. I Praise You, Lord.” Try to make it a habit to do this with every bad thought.

Problems: You say, that is weird, not respectful, my church never taught that. But... Does God prefer you fighting lust, or trying to keep a deep religious respect for Him? I say that fighting lust is the deep respect for Him.

Problem # 2. You may fail 100 times, 1000 times, or more. But...Real success is working on forming the habit consistently. Real success is “Trying” every time a tempting thought pops up.

Solutions: It took me many months to form the habit of turning from lust. But now, I usually turn from lust “before” I even think about whether that is what I want to do. I still keep working on turning from lust, but I am very happy that I am starting to take my desires out of the equation. My new habit is to automatically start to do the right thing. And once I start to do the right thing, I remember, I don't want destruction and darkness, I do want to do the right thing.

Finally, we find “It” by spending a block of time in prayer. My most important hour of the day is my time in prayer. Consider trying to pray more and more. Prayer helps us start to make better decisions. Better decisions are key to fighting habits. #2 Prayer helps us to start to know God's will. The more we do what we are supposed to be doing, the less time we have for bad habits. #3 Prayer helps us to focus on good things. It will be helpful to focus on good things more this year.

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What is lust? If I see someone spectacular when I am eating out, I notice. When does looking become lust? #1 If you are looking at the “wrong things,” it may be lust when you look the 2nd time in my opinion. What if I am wrong? Well... I am quite sure it is lust when you look back at the wrong thing for the 13th time.

Someone may ask, what are the most times I can look and have it be okay? Truly, my opinion does not matter. Ask God. He will give you His opinion.


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This article contains very strong spiritual situations. Please proceed if that is what you want.

Joseph ran from lust because he was determined to find purpose (God's will). He was obsessed with doing God's will. He “knew” he was created to do God's will. He “knew” he had to go to war with sin to do God's will. He learned habits about how to go to war with sin by great effort over time. He strained so hard to learn those habits, but when the temptation came... He was ready, and he instantly ran.

Joseph's great effort to go to war with sin brought angels into his life. Many probably. They protected him and guided him more and more over time.

Saul was Israel's first king. He was good for a while but then he started going back and forth from the good side to the bad side spiritually. The Bible clearly says that Saul's sin brought dark spirits into his life. Repeated sin always puts us at risk for that. Saul was “driven” by his spirits. Driven to throw a spear at David, driven to hunt David, driven to kill David.

Saul did not fear God despite knowing the passage that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Saul did not understand that passage. Fearing God partly means, fearing losing part of his ability to control his actions. We should be scared stiff of being “driven” by something else that is dark. Consider praying:

“Father, help me to fear darkness.”

Joseph did not know about such things. He was busy being obsessed with finding his purpose. His war with sin was so intense that the dark side only made limited attempts to sink him. And when they played their best hand, sending the most beautiful lady in the land to seduce him, they were completely defeated again.

Joseph was also driven. Driven to find purpose. Driven to do God's will. Driven to overcome temptation.

Pretty much everybody is “driven.” Which direction do you want to be driven in?

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Strong spiritual content warning. If that is what you want, please proceed.

As we read the verses for quitting we realize, that God hates lust. If I say to boycott a top movie star because she shows way too much, people will have a cow. 5 years ago it was unacceptable to me to avoid a star who completely crossed the line. Why? Because her beauty and sexuality were hugely important to me.

God's verses about lust were less important than my pleasure. Consider praying:

“Father, take away my love of wrongful pleasure, and help me to hate lust.”

If you turn instantly from lust and then ban watching that movie/TV star (for completely crossing the line), you may learn something. #1 You may learn a top 5 technique for avoiding falling. #2 You may learn that God condemns lust because it keeps us from love, joy, peace, and other fruits of the Spirit. #3 You may learn that wrongful behavior from the past did not satisfy you. If we watch TV or look at our phones in a Godly way, it will satisfy us “more” and we will avoid the destruction that wrong scenes cause. #4 You may learn that you now can pray to hate lust. God is back to being on the throne.

Finally, this is a war. Those who win the war will work more on quitting. Those who win the war will trust God more. He says, “Life is better without lust.” Believe Him.

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Our phones computers and electronic devices are either a 50-caliber bullet flying at us, or they can become a great weapon for us to defeat our foe. If we look at what our flesh wants, bad things happen. Here are tips on how to use them for good.

#1 Search how to “Overcome lust” so many times that it automatically goes to that phrase just because you put in the O. #2 Search “Verses lust” so many times that it automatically goes to that phrase just because you put in the V. #3 Search “Turn from lust.” #4 Have key articles saved in your phone. If you look at them so often that you can quote sentences from them, you have started to fire back at the one who is shooting at you. #5 Have prayers saved in your phone so that you can “constantly” have something else to think about instead of lust.

Finally, consider making it a lifelong habit to use your phone and devices for good. It will be a huge help in the fight.

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We either fight addiction with power or without it. When we study key verses, power enters our lives. When we declare war on sin, power enters our lives. When we strain to pray all the time, power enters our lives. Daily Bible reading adds power, and praising the Lord adds power. Praying to be filled with the Spirit adds power. Praying to find our purpose adds power.

Second, believe the Bible as written. You can deeply trust the literal versions: NKJV, NIV, NASV, ESV. If a verse does not make sense to you, read it every day until it does. God loves to see a person wrestling to understand and obey scripture. Doing so adds power.

Third, can we quit sinning? The answer is both yes and no. We can go to war with specific sins and start to cut them out. At some point, we will cut certain sins out if we fight enough. We all know people who drank too much but then quit drinking (The sin of drunkenness). They quit their most problematic sin, and you can quit your most problematic sin as well.

Fourth, we can cut out specific sins, but some sin will be missed. My brother knew some guy who said, “I don't sin anymore.” Obviously, his pride is ruining his message. If he said, “I always go to war with sin, and I am starting to see its grip on me fading.” That is saying it in a way more people would believe, and even try to copy.

Fifth, almost all of the techniques I recommended make our bad desires decrease, and that allows the Holy Spirit to increase “in us.” “He” does not sin. If we actually die to ourselves as the Bible tells us to... “He” would steer us on a sinless course for as long as we allow Him to do so. I am always, no, often, trying to do that. I should always try to do that. But no man will ever be perfect in doing that. But trying to improve, is the smartest thing we can do.

Finally, dying to self is the key to joy. The more we work on it, the more we will get that very destructive sin out of our lives.

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Satan wants the church confused about whether we can quit sinning, and whether we must fight sin urgently. God wants us to know that we can and that we must do so. Why? Because God urgently wants us to do His will. The Bible says “His kingdom is coming.” Sin keeps us from doing His will and keeps us from joy.

Second, nothing you can do will give you more joy and pleasure than doing God's will. We all know... Satan's pleasure is easy, but it adds destruction. We find God's pleasure as we do God's will. We find God's pleasure as we increase in prayer and praise.

Third, finding God's pleasure takes time and often work. Satan will tell you, “My pleasure is better.” Lies.

Today, consider urgently committing to putting in the time and work so that you will “know” what God wants you to do.

Fourth, consider setting clear goals about discipline today and this week.

Finally, Paul urgently disciplined his body. He urgently tried to learn and do God's will. He lived a great life.

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I just don't pray my prayer from the June 30th article enough:

"Father, remind me that when I fall into lust, I enter a portal which leads to darkness, depression, and destruction."

I turn on the TV and enter my Zombie mode. Oops, didn't mean to see that, better get some quick forgiveness. Satan tells me “You will not fall, just look a tiny bit.” Satan often tells us half-truths. I probably am not going back to my destruction (porn), if I listen to him I am just going back to darkness, confusion, and increased temptation.

Second, God has great things for us to do, and then He has great blessings for us. Joseph had a standard of always trying to be perfect in turning from lust. A perfect standard means he always worked on the habit of “Always turning and running from lust.” My new goal is to work on having that standard, and then see what kind of great life God has for me.

Finally, if I pray that prayer enough, trying for higher standards will be obvious.

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God wants us to have a lifestyle of repentance. Repentance involves Godly sorrow for our sins. But, some don't “feel” God in their life despite repenting. Sometimes the problem is, that we just don't realize why God wants things in a certain way. Many repent because of Porn, less repent when a movie shows way too much, less repent when a TV star shows a bit too much, and even less repent after an hour of staring at the wrong things or thinking about the wrong things.

If Biblical Joseph sat around staring at the wrong things all the time, we never would have heard of him, because he would have struggled mightily with lust.

Second, Zachariah 1:3-4 says, “Return to me so that I can return to you.” Malichi 3:7 says, “Return to me so that I can return to you.” If Joseph had faced his temptation while away from God, the story likely ends badly.

I truly believe that when Joseph was a young man he strained to gain habits of repenting over “every” level of lustful thought. Then... when the temptation came, he was ready.

Third, a lifestyle of repentance starts with Godly sorrow for even the smallest of slipups. Life is like us sealed in a house. If we crack the door, satan attacks, if we unlock the window, he is there with a pry bar, if we look at borderline sin through a crack in the wall, he takes out his power chisel and goes to work making that crack bigger and bigger.

Instead, employ a lifestyle of repentance by repenting for that little look. When we develop that habit, God no longer needs to say, “Return to me so that I can return to you.”

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Galatians says to “Walk in the Spirit.” To walk in the Spirit is to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of our lives. Note #1 To prepare for the Holy Spirit we must repent and plan our war with sin. #2 If you keep falling again and again, consider practicing “Rapid repentance.” God knows if you are trying, and if you are, practice rapid repentance.

Second, Great Christians may consider memorizing this verse: “Thy will be done.” Then they spend time in prayer to be empowered to do “His will.”

Often we need to pray and ask Jesus to increase our will to surrender and give up control. To ask Jesus to empty us of anything that’s preventing the Holy Spirit from being in control. Ask Him to increase our faith in His promise to give us the Holy Spirit.

Once we are ready to submit to “His will,” then we can spend time in prayer.

Third, believe. Consider praying:

“Father, help me to “know” that life will be better when I walk in the Spirit.”

I think I need to pray that prayer about 1000 times.

Finally, repent, surrender, believe, and then spend time in prayer to be more filled with the Spirit. Doing so will start to add power to your life.

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Everyone who is trying to quit a habit needs a huge increase in contentment. Consider praying:

“Father, take away this spirit of lust and help me to be content.”

If you are single it is wise to learn contentment with being single. I see divorced people who think and talk about finding someone all the time. Instead, it is wiser to think, pray, and talk often about being content. Then to think all the time about doing God's will. Paul was in the top 1% of people who had great joy. He was single.
Second, single people think married people have sex all the time. Wrong. In my age group, there are well over 320 days per year that the average married person does “not” have sex. The average married person (after two years of marriage) will not have sex with their spouse today, tomorrow, or the next day. If you are single don't live in this fantasy Hollywood idea of sex. It is not reality.

Third, I recommend dozens of prayers. Consider spending time each week to study exactly what you should be praying more about. No one should be trying to find the greatest variety of prayers and prayer topics. If you have zero contentment with your life, consider praying the above prayer 5-10 times per day, or more.

Fourth, if you have never married, now is the time to learn contentment so that you can do God's will. If you learn contentment, form habits of going to war with sin, and learn to do God's will... if you do get married later, it might be one of those rare, great marriages.

Finally, do you need to pray daily about contentment? I do. Today I am committing to working more on it. I am always happier when I am content.

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Contentment is a wonderful thing. I don't pray for it but I do hold a lot of gratitude in my heart and that helps me be content. When I pray I always try to say thank you for something.

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My dad was a preacher at a very small church. There was never much money but he kept trying. The church never really grew but he kept trying for decades. At his funeral, I was shocked by how many important people were so impressed with his life. Now, 8 years later, I am really impressed by what he did with his life. His faith and belief changed many lives, but it never would have happened if he had stopped trying.

Second, you will never know how you impact the world just by trying to do things God's way. My dad kept trying when he thought no one was watching. But “we” were watching, and because of him, I plan to “Keep trying” till the day I die.

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We rarely see ourselves the way God sees us. He looks at us as people who can do great things. He does not have a list of abstract rules. His laws are there so that we can follow them so that we can do great things.

Today, I am again praying:

“Father, expand my borders and bless me indeed.”

This is a great prayer taken directly from scripture. In order to expand my borders I need more of the Holy Spirit inside me. I need to raise my standards for fighting sin and lust. I need to be willing to do God's will.

When I pray, and pray prayers like that one, I start to get a glimpse of how God sees me.

Finally, adjust that prayer to add power:

“Father, help me to turn from lust, and expand my borders.”

Finally, repent, pray, and then think about how God sees you. With every creation, He made someone who can do great things. Today, consider going to war with lust so that you can do them.

Here is a song about how God sees us.

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This article contains Christian content. If that is what you want, please proceed.

If you can't quit, there is a reason why. If you don't know the reason why, repent, then ask God why.

People say, “I can't stop sinning, no one can.” My brother loves to say, “Which sin can't you stop committing?” His point is, that we can stop lust for an hour, 5 hours, maybe 5 days. If we can stop for 5 days, we can stop for 5 years.

The million-dollar question is... Are you willing to copy Jesus' example of how to fight temptation for a full 5 years straight?

Second, satan will harass you. If he does it too much, pray that Jesus' blood will cover you. Pray that it will cover your room. Pray that it will cover your life. Satan hates it when we think about the cross and pray about the blood Jesus shed for us.

Remember... satan is ripping into you with temptation, when you fully repent and pray about Jesus' blood you are ripping into him. He does not like that at all. But please, fully repent before you use this technique.

Third, you can quit when you are confident that you will have light, joy, and purpose in your life. If you read a bunch of my articles you will see, there are a lot of things we need to do to quit. It is important to want and to believe that you will have light, joy, and purpose in your life when you declare WWIII on lust. It is important to fully believe while you are trying to quit that great things will happen because of quitting. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Finally, believe, go to war daily, and consider praying:

“Father, please show me why I can't quit.”

Sooner or later, He will make it clear to you what the problem is.

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Bible study increases the Holy Spirit in us. The Holy Spirit increases our power to fight habits. Have daily Bible study. Read the instructions for life. The more specific the better. They will lead you to a better life.

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This article contains Christian content. If that is what you want, please proceed.

Many have a goal of quitting something. But sometimes people blur the line between quitting God's way and quitting for a specific reason. Let's say, one wants to quit because their habit has led to constant darkness and intermittent depression. So they want to quit that habit to avoid that issue. The problem is... if one quits porn, and does not go to war with sin, they are doing something wise, but they are not doing it God's way.

Second, it is important to quit a habit, and then replace that habit with the fruits of the Spirit, praise, and doing God's will. That is how you quit God's way.

Third, you might be trying to quit with all your might. You keep trying a bunch of things, but you still keep falling. But, the key word in this scenario is “Trying.” Keep submitting to God, and keep trying.

Fourth, fast and pray. Some of you want to fast from food, and that is great. But most of us would be greatly helped if we fasted from borderline TV shows and movies.

I refuse to watch high-risk TV, but finding squeaky clean TV takes hard work and discipline. If I want to quit God's way, I need to put in the work to avoid trashy TV.

Fifth, once you have fully repented you can attack bad thoughts and temptations in “Jesus name.” Consider praying:

“Father, take away these lustful thoughts, and fill me with peace, in Jesus' name.”

There is power in Jesus name.

Finally, the goal is fullness of joy. The Bible says to not give satan any opportunity. When we refuse to give satan any openings, we start to see joy flowing into us. The real goal is to someday have a person see you and say, “Wow, this person is different, filled with Light, how can I be like them.” That is the goal.

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Our daily plan is often the same, but we always need to see what should be added. Every day it is wise to be ready with a top 5 prayer like:

“Father, help me to turn from lust, and fill me with Your love.”

But, it is also wise to repeat a key verse often that tells us what we are replacing lust with.

2 Timothy 2:22 “So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.”

If we have added this verse to our phone, now we can pray about these new things:

“Father, help me to flee from sin, and help me to pursue righteousness.”

“Father, take away this lust, and give me peace.”

Second, to quit fast, quote this verse “before” you decide what TV show you will watch. To quit fast, quote it when you have a lustful thought.

Finally, for your daily plan, consider adding a couple of key verses to your phone. Read them often for that day. If they are working continue to read them often all week. Make up prayers based on your key scriptures. Fight lustful thoughts with prayer or scripture every time.

When you have a great daily plan, you start to have your own personalized armor against porn.