My Journal of My Self Healing


Hi, I'm going to start this Journal.

I'm brazilian, 28 years old, single and I'll try to post some days my trying to recover my mind from sexual problems I have, mainly related to pornography. Recently I'm not watching that so much, but I feel that I don't have more desire as before because what I did to my mind.

I have sexual disfunction, lake of concentration and sometimes I cannot stop thinking about sex, even if I don't want or can do it. I've trying to stop it for years and I succedd once when I had a girlfriend, but, after that, I've failed.

I'll not try necesarily to not M, but I'll avoid as possible, doing less times and in longer periods.

Give me luck!
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Attempt 1, Day 1: I didn't have bigger problemas until now, but my mind recalls many memories about sexual desires, many of them are from porns I watched before.

As I updated on first descrption, I didn't watch to much porn, but the problem is when I have more sexual desire and not always have a partner to help me rsrsrsrs. And sometimes some desires came from porn, mainly when I have days without having no sexual activity.

For helping me, I'm doing exercises, soccer and musculation mainly, I'm consuming some supplements for exercises, but some for libid, as maca. I'm trying to do meditation, but I'm so disposal to do that in last months...


Attempt 1, Day 2-3:
I've tried to avoid any thought that compromise me, but it's been difficult. I had to avoid these thoughts, but it came all time when I'm distracted and I want to touch my genitalia. (I work at home and I'm alone these days kkk)

A few time ago, I had a desire to watch some specific video I saw before, and that happens with me once in a while. Normally I like the fantasy of the video or the actress, in this case was both. I almost did that, I have to surpass these kkkk

I've been keeping using supplements and doing exercises. I'll try to improve my diet, do more meditations and study more.

I like to play e-games, like COD, I don't think that's good to me, and it doesn't help with my goal. But I'm not playing too much anymore.


Attempt 1, Day 4-9:
It's a long time I don't post anything here. In general, I've been holding something, but I'm still have temptations to watch that.

I've thinking about a porn movie I saw before, not completely, but I got interest because of its fantasy and context , nothing heavy, more personal (I won't give details of course).

My luck is I'm using better ad blocks:
- Open DNS, in family configuration:
- Add sites on Windows Host File:
- BlockerX (free) for Chrome and Android:
- Add some ad block on Edge because BlockerX is not compatible.

Besides that, I'm still, in the past, not resist to watch something or do another practice I didn't tell you: I look for some "professionals of sex". I'm always call for them, but I got an habit to look for them, but I don't to do that now, some of their pictures and videos is not so family friendly and I want to consume this content, unless for now. It's another challenge for when I have this need!

I'm not doing lot of meditation, that should help me with sexual thoughts, which is most harmful for my treatment now, I'm responsable for that. And In general i'm not so productive in my tasks, I'm procastinating a lot in recent times. I expect to become better soon.

For now, I believe that's enough. Question, do it here!

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You're doing well brother, you are aware of your areas of weakness and taking steps to improve. Things will work well if you stay consistent.

I was pretty inconsistent when I started my journey but I kept going even when things got difficult and I wanted to fall back. Sometimes I got tempted to peak at some porn for a minute which didnt help as it made me want to watch and look at more tempting stuff.

Stay strong, I believe in you!!!