How can I know if I have Porn induced ED?


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I'm 23 years old and when I watch porn I don't get an erection or libido, I did a hormones tests and everything was ideal including testosterone, I have had this problem since I was 19 and I kept watching porn and masturbating even when I have low libido, I went to a urologist last night and he did a physical examination and I was good so he told I have 2 choices one of them is to do a doppler ultrasound test which before it they inject the penis to get an erection which I'm really worried about and the second choice is to take Cialis 5mg for a month and see if there anything good, now this is my third day and I feel like before even when using Cialis and also I have an erection only when I'm laying when I stand the erection goes so fast or when I change my position, so please guys I did a lot of researches online and I got a good amount of information's related to erection and so on but idk why all of these happen to me while im young and in a good shape and i don;t have any chronic diseases!!
any suggestions or advice guys?


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Man, it's obvious that the problem is in your head, your brain needs to be healed not your body(penis).

You just said that you did all the physical tests that showed nothing is wrong with your hormones and your penis.

Clearly if it's not physical then it's neurological, mental.

It's Ed for sure, or in your case since you were watching porn and masturbating from age 19 then your Ed is caused by porn, also known as pied(porn induced erectile dysfunction).

The only way out of this is to leave porn, masturbation and orgasm so that your brain can start unwiring those porn neurological pathways, and rewiring towards healthy dopamine levels.

Eventually your brain will get healed and you will start getting back the sensation in your penis.

But it will take time for sure, it depends on to what degree your brain is affected by porn...

But rest assured, it works. There is a lot of guys who experienced severe cases of pied that got cured after they abstained from porn and masturbation (reboot).


Hey dude,

I'm studying med/pharmacology atm, and I would really recommend to prioritise this issue as a mental issue rather than a purely physical one. Honestly great initiative to go and see a clinician about this but I would be VERY hesitant to start you on meds as a long term fix-all solution. Given your age and presentation so far, they may be a bandaide fix and give you some short term relief, but long term are just likely to cause side effects, dependence, desensitisation and possibly even worsen your mental state.

Also in regards to the doppler test, sounds expensive and invasive and your presentation being a-ok to the clinician initially and the Cialis mostly working sounds like nothing is majorly wrong. Can't hurt, but I definitely would urge to try psychological treatment first as this sounds like its more on cue, then you can go back to the needle-scan thing later if you're still having issues.

I think psycholigcal treatment is underrated here, provided you make sure you choose the right person who really knows what they are talking about and ideally has helped dudes in the exact same scenario as you.

I'm 21 with the same issues, and although rebooting is currently doing great for me (i've got great erections and quality of sex nowadays), it took me a lot of time to do it properly and honestly this site was quite damaging initially as a lot of the advice (including my own) is freelance. Good for perspective, to relate to and get support but would definitiely recommend a qualified psych :)

Feel free to message me personally if you have any quesions or queries man, I'd love to help out in any way I can


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and honestly this site was quite damaging

Ver very very True. The information here is many varied. Unfortunatelly. each case is unique, And I know that people here hate it when you say this: Many people here have underlying problems, both psychological and physical.