Giving it all up.


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(Day Zero)

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this place. Been fighting this addiction for years at this point but actively have been trying to rid myself of it since July 2020. I've had a really bad time from May 2022 onwards and realized I needed some place for support so I made an account here. I find it very frustrating that I'm PMOing 4/7 days this week when I've gone 100+ days before, but my life has changed since those times so I need to just keep on trying my best. I know what things I need to do to make this easier for me, I just need to actually do them.

Thank you for reading!


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How long has in been since you managed 100+ days without porn? What has changed in your life since then? You don’t have to tell if you’re not comfortable, but I think it should be healthy to think about.

What are some specific steps you could take to get this under control? What could you do in order to go next week without PMO?

I have found in my case, it helps cutting out not just porn, but any substitute for it. Anything that is sexual on a screen. Even thinking about that type of stuff hurts my recovery and starts to lead to a relapse. I also figured out that stopping masturbation completely is helping me.

Good luck!