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I have a secret porn addiction. It first started when I was a kid. My biological dad was a drunk and would beat on me and my mother. See in order to escape the pain. I use porn. Now I struggle with mental illness, schizophrenia. And all I want is for this to stop. Anybody have any advice. I have failed many times


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Sorry to hear about your past. I can relate having an alcoholic father. There was not physical abuse but a whole lot of neglect.

What is working for me is working on myself. Learning any applying psychology also looking into some spirituality.

There is a whole concept of ACA.

Found this guy's videos helpful for psychology:

and this guy about spirituality:

Use your own resonance and what feels right for you.

You don't have to let the past define you. Redefine yourself here and now. You can become the creator of your own reality.

Best of luck and much love.