Just found out about PIED, YBOP, RebootNation a week ago and the sun broke through the clouds for me

Hey guys,

also wanna tell my story. I am a 25 year old guy from Germany and sadly found out about internet porn way too early with like 11 or something like many people here.

I have 100% PIED but i never knew this exists, i thought im just a weirdo that is into weird categories that got even more abstract with time.

I am glad i randomly found YBOP website by googling at a point where i was really at a low point. It all made sense when i read first about PIED there.

I went to a doctor once and she had no idea what it could be. Made a blood test and everything looked not only fine but like i am a fit healthy guy in my 20s. She really had no clue what it could be and prescribed me some viagra which didint really help. Never got back to her.

I had 3 attempts of sex and all 3 times i was not able to get an erection. First time with 18. second time with 21, third time with 25. All three diffrent girls, all were nice, but it were really awkward situations.

I think im a hard case but with all the knowledge that i soke up about PIED and rebooting in last 7 days i really want to make this reboot a success.

At this point i have no morning wood, i have nearly no libido, only once every like sunday which i fapped to the usual stuff (became like a habit). Not this week tho. I dont want to watch porn ever again.

I hope i can relapse like lots of you guys. Always there to help or take advice or answer questions if someone is interested.

Thank you for reading my story.
Thanks for sharing. I am the same technically but I am older and in a relationship. It's been around two weeks since I last watched porn or masturbated. I too have not been getting morning erections until this morning briefly. I hope things are returning to normal for me, but I will continue on the journey either way.