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The new article en the twitter account from Your Brain on Porn Twitter:

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I found this article on the Your Brain on Porn twitter account. I found it very interesting.


Well, you know what they say; give a brain a pair of opposable thumbs and it will work out of a way to please itself by means so revoltingly excessive not even a David Attenborough voiceover is gonna dignify it. These self-pleasuring methods may not provide the same satisfaction as the real thing, but they provide just enough to placate the impulse to go meet these needs the healthy way.

Sex is going out of fashion. Pushed away by virtual imitations and decaff substitutes that, though nowhere near as gratifying as taking a real trip to pound town, are enough to pacify our sex drive in the convenience of a few left-handed clicks. Turns out that the human libido is much more delicate than we thought, so if you find yourself so overstimulated nothing turns you on anymore, the solution might be to turn everything off for a little while.
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It is so true, it has been a long time and I have consumed my fetish for a few minutes in last 6-7 months and even when I am on hard mode, my wet dreams get off with a fetish, that kind of takes me back to the place I want to come out from