Journal: I really need to STOP (My dreams)

Hello MD
I know I have wronged you and this is the only way I can make it up to you, I know I'm being selfish just caring about myself and not bringing you to the real world 😞😞
19 years old living miserably, all he knows is just about pleasuring himself, but you are still stuck in the "imagination" world, this is not the life we both planned, I have got no one to trust but you, can you pls give me another chance and I'll make sure I'm gonna make it up to you.

MD, This is the fourth (and it's gonna be the last) time I'm calling on you to just give me a chance and I will not mess up.
I'm losing my sanity

I am a day free of PMO and I hope to talk to you soon
Bye for now
MD, today seems cool too and I seem to control my urge today, I have been catching a lot of sleep too and some exercises.
Hello MD
Today, the urge seems outrageous but I managed to control my self and I feel like my head is splitting into two because of some feelings I can't explain ( especially from the middle of my head to my forehead)