We made REMOJO free


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Hey Reboot Nation, this is Noah B.E. Church, porn recovery coach and friend of Gabe Deem. Ever since I started trying to guide people who wanted to live pornfree, I've had a vision of an app that would give people everything they need to do that: Blocking, accountability, community, ways to handle urges, and courses that would guide people through the whole process. A year ago I joined REMOJO because I thought it could be that app, and it's become what I envisioned!

What's more, last month we took the plunge and made the app free to use. All the courses and features are completely free. This is something I've always wanted, to remove all the barriers to living pornfree.

Check it out and best of luck on your journeys!


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This is a much needed app, and the fact that you made it free is even better!


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That good.

Definitely in the United States there is an entire academy around this topic of addiction to pornography. On the contrary, here in my country when I talk to (even) sexual health professionals about porn addiction they look at me as someone who is making something up. Here in my country the subject is non-existent, practically nothing is known about all this.