Don’t know where to go from here

I really don’t know where to go from here. I am constantly in this circle of hell. I was free from PMO for 1.5 years Then, I’ve just kept relapsing every few months. Then I was free for 6 months from December until I PMO in June. Then PMO again today and PMO 5 times just today. I can’t get out of this circle I am so hopeless to even go on anymore I don’t even see the point I’m so depressed over this and see no way out. My biggest trigger is when me and my wife fight. Every time I PMO it’s when we have a fight. I can’t take messing up anymore I literally don’t even know how to go on. Please help me with some advice I am dying here.


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There should be a hotline you can call about the depression. In the UK, it's the samaritans. I can't help you with your relationship issues, but a psychologist can, so I recommend you see one while you're still married (i.e. before it's too late).